Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas + Carmel 2013

this blog post is coming to you all a little later than expected, since i've spent the last couple days lying on the couch with the flu. it's not been too fun but i'm glad i've at least been at home instead of at school having to go to class! and thank goodness for netflix. i've made it through about 30 episodes of hart of dixie in less than a week. it's a pretty great show i just discovered. and scotty mccreery guest starred in an episode, so that was pretty great too. i'm easily pleased.

anyway, even though it's already new year's day, i wanted to recap a little bit of Christmas and our family's little trip to Carmel! i didn't take too many photos on Christmas (read: i took like 5) but i did take plenty of photos of the gorgeous sunsets in Carmel.

i did manage to snap a picture of these glorious homemade cinnamon rolls i made on Christmas morning before i put them in the oven! they turned out amazing and actually weren't too difficult to make. i also made a spicy sausage and veggie egg scramble and my brother made little sausage pigs in a blanket that we have every year. 

before breakfast we opened up our stockings (i filled them this year-so much fun shopping for everyone!) and then dove into the cinnamon rolls. mmmm. we opened some presents and then headed to my grandparents' to visit in the afternoon before coming home to finish up presents and make dinner.

ginnie mae really enjoyed the present opening! she loves all the tissue paper and boxes and she even got a few toys from santa. 

we had ribs and my grandma's homemade rolls for dinner, perfect way to end a great Christmas. 

a couple days after Christmas we headed to Carmel for a couple days by the ocean!

one of my favorite places in the world. the sunsets are incredible!

the first night we were there we went to our favorite italian restaurant for dinner. i got the 'al forno sinatra' which was baked rigatoni with spicy sausage, mushrooms, sauce (i forget what kind), and cheese. it was delicious and super rich, i only managed to get through barely half of it before saving the rest for another meal. 

the next day after sleeping in, we headed out on a short run and ended at the beach for some fun photos. my mom and i love taking pictures and we always make my poor brother and dad take a million pictures of us being crazy, haha.

i think that the 200 handstands we did trying to get a good photo were worth all the soreness the next day week were worth it though!

after the beach we headed into monterey to grab lunch at whole foods. 

i got a big salad with a bunch of little things from the hot bar in the corners. the scalloped potatoes (bottom right) were my favorite. 

after lunch we came back to relax some more and then headed out again to pop in a few shops. i got this coffee cookie crunch ice cream that i had to get once i saw it. it was just as good as i thought it would be!

then we headed down to the beach for one last sunset before heading back to our room. by this point i wasn't feeling so hot, and we didn't feel like doing much, so we ordered takeout from this new burger place. it was so freaking good. i got the portabello mushroom burger- which was a burger WITH a mushroom. not a mushroom instead of meat. and it had like half a pound of bacon on it and lots of cheese. probably the biggest burger i've eaten in years. it. was. bomb. so were the sweet potato fries (which i couldn't finish. that says something about the size of that burger.)

we had a little modern family marathon and i crashed early. and woke up the next morning feeling like dying. i think i laid on the kitchen floor for a solid half an hour because i couldn't even walk into the kitchen without getting dizzy and putting my head down. and then i kept getting really hot and then really cold (which is apparently normal for the flu? i'd never gotten it before) and coughing like crazy. so i'm really glad i was able to spend a few days on the couch without any obligations except to get better. 

even if that meant spending my new years eve laying on the couch eating chinese takeout and going to bed at 10pm. party animal. luckily this morning i woke up feeling a lot better! 

anyway, i'm off to (finally) get in a little studying for my fitness leadership program. and buying textbooks for next quarter. why can't it just be break for forever? that would be great. 

hope you all had a great time ringing in the new year! here's to a happy & healthy 2014!


  1. I hope you fully recover from that flu soon! I can't believe this is your first time getting it!
    I seriously cannot stand how adorable you and your mom are. Your handstands are in perfect synchronization!
    I agree—break should be forever. school tomorrow for meeeee
    Happy new year, Julianna!

  2. do you have a recipe for the rolls? Or is it from the recipe book on your counter? I made them on Christmas morning too but i wasn't very pleased with how they came out

    1. the recipe i used for the cinnamon rolls was from the cook's illustrated cookbook - every single recipe i've tried from it has turned out perfectly! highly recommend it.

  3. Sounds like an awesome Christmas! Love those handstand pictures too---it's so much fun to do action photos like that.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing... definitly one of my favorite things to eat/make. Looks like you had a great time with your family, and I hope you feel better soon!!

  5. Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! Those cinnamon rolls look delicious. Same with the sweet potato fries.
    Those handstands look so much fun, but I'd be afraid to do them on sand. It looks tough!
    I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! You and your mom are amazing! :) Hope you're feeling great soon!!

  7. Love those pics of your mom and you! So cool! You two seem to have such a great relationship!

  8. Awww you poor thing! I totally binged on heart of dixie last Christmas when I was laid up in bed. LOVE that show. But I'm glad you got some quality time in with your family before catching the plague :) Also that burger?! Looks freaking divine...