Friday, July 27, 2012


That's what the past 24 hours has been. There's been some issues in my personal life (and I'm still struggling - a lot) but one good thing that has come out of them is that I realized how lucky I am to have such an amazing family and friends. It's times like these when you realize who your true friends are - the ones you call when everything is falling apart. And I am so grateful for them!

I'm trying not to let today be another bad day - yesterday was hard. Really hard. But my mom is honestly the best mom in the entire world, and yesterday she came with me to the gym (even though she'd already been in the morning) and sweat it out with me for over an hour. She made me giggle with pictures of Ryan Lochte from her magazine and then afterwards we went to Wendy's to get Frostees. <-- can I just say that I don't care how bad they are for you, there is NOTHING like a Wendy's frostee! And that was when I realized how lucky of a girl I am.

I also reread an old post of mine about CHOOSING to be happy. And I'm trying to take my own advice today. After I finish this post I'm headed to the gym for a BodyPump class - my ultimate therapy - and I'm going to blast happy music (Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, I'm looking at you) and eat some yummy (#eatcleansweatdirty) food.

Also, some of these pins definitely are helping me to bounce back. This girl is bulletproof, yo.

after reading this post, a lot of you probably have an idea of what i'm going through. and you're probably right. but that's life, and i'm not going to let it get the best of me. 

also, i'm leaving for maui tomorrow. and in my dad's {very wise} words, 'how can anyone be sad in maui? [insert palm tree here]' 

so tell me: how do you bounce back? 


  1. Break up? I am so sorry girl....those can be the worst. But I completely agree with your dad! Maui will cure all! I mean seriously its probably one of the most beautiful places in the world! I hope to go there someday for sure!!! Enjoy! I am sure it will take your mind off things!

  2. great pins!! I like to just take some time alone (preferable outdoors) and just reflect and then think about all the things I'm grateful for in life!

  3. Awww, I'm sorry you're not feeling great. I can def relate. Hopefully the warm weather in Hawaii will perk you up and you will feel better in no time!

  4. Hang in there lovely. Sounds like a wonderful mom, moms are truly the best in times like this. Thinking of you!