Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIAW: Quarter System Syndrome.

i'm currently suffering from Quarter System Syndrome. i never thought i would say that i wanted summer to end, but at this point i am so ready for it to be done!

some symptoms of QSS may include:

  • having nothing to do at night because all of your friends are already at school
  • spending FAR too much time on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and the like
  • stalking all of your friends' Facebook pictures from college and wishing you were there already
  • constantly checking your college's class Facebook group to see if anyone knows when we'll find out our roommates for next year
  • finding yourself doing two workouts in one day just because you have the time and don't have anything else to do
  • waking up at 7am because you didn't stay out the night before
  • randomly browsing TV channels praying there will be something good on
  • extreme cases of laziness. not wanting to do anything but at the same time complaining of being bored out of your mind. 
yeah, let's just say that i wish i was starting college SOONER! on that note, does anyone have any fun ideas of what i could do with my free time that would be more productive that pinning 5,000 things on Pinterest? i'm looking for good book, movie, and TV show suggestions - as well as fun recipes to make! 

anyways, onto the main part of this post.. the {WIAW} eats!

breakfast this morning:

{insert 6-mile run with my workout buddy Ryan! and his awesome Camelbak water backpack. there's a huge story behind the whole Camelbak thing.. i'll tell it to you guys sometime soon because it's a good one ;-) }

huge post-run smoothie split between the two of us:

in the blender (for 2 servings):
  • 1 cup Mango Chobani
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 2 cups frozen mixed berries
  • 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
a little while later after watching a random cooking show on tv i had another snack/lunch:

grilled in my panini maker! it was so good i went back for a second one. 

i worked the late afternoon/closing shift so i packed up dinner to take with me.

i also brought some dark chocolate and a Balance bar, and had some strawberries while i was at work. 

and when i got home i had a small bowl of Quaker oatmeal squares while chatting with my momma! 

i'm off to *hopefully* find a good TV show to watch or new book to read!

any suggestions for what i should do with my free time?
good books to read, movies to watch, recipes to make?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

shopping day.

what's a girl to do with a day off of work {finally!}? shop, of course! Winking smile

i've been eyeing a few items on the lululemon website for WEEKS now, but only just the other day did i find out from a friend that there's a store 20 minutes away from me! i can't believe i didn't figure this out earlier - especially since they have a run club each week and fun yoga events. hopefully i will make it to one or two of those before i leave for school in a month!

anyway, before we left the house i went for a 4-mile run and then refueled with lunch: 95% lean frozen turkey burger (only ingredients were white turkey, sea salt, and black pepper. win!) with half of an avocado and some ketchup on toasted whole wheat bread.

and i actually put on a normal outfit today! usually i wear running shorts and tshirts to work since things are prone to get froyo all over them, and since i've been basically living at work i haven't put on normal clothes in quite awhile. it definitely felt nice :) 

and then it was time to shop!

i tried on about 50,000 things in lululemon and basically wanted to buy the whole store. luckily i talked myself out of any sort of pants or long sleeved anything because i'm going to be living in LA so those would basically be a waste of money. i mainly was looking for a really good running tank, but all of the ones i tried on i wasn't in love with (or not enough to fork out $58 for it!). but i did find an awesome pair of running shorts that are super comfy and light, the perfect length, really flattering, and have a zipper pocket and 2 fuel pockets. (they're the turbo run short, in case you were wondering!) i also had to get a pink headband, of course! 

i gotta say i'm so proud of myself for only spending $77 on my first trip to lulu! 

i also stopped in sephora while my mom was doing some other shopping - i wanted to get an eyeshadow primer so that i could wear a little eyeshadow without it clumping up in the creases of my eyelids. 

i ended up getting the urban decay eye shadow primer and also got one of their eye shadow pencils (the color was called rehab). i love the eye shadow! i tried it on when i got home and it's the perfect shimmery light brown that i was looking for. and so far there's no creasing - fingers crossed the primer lasts for awhile. 

i also grabbed some blotting papers for when i'm out and my face gets oily (which happens a little too often) and a sharpener for the eye shadow since i didn't have one. i still feel like such a newbie to makeup because i don't wear it that often - and walking in sephora can be so overwhelming! luckily when i got my makeup done for senior ball i figured out that i really liked the urban decay brand which helped me narrow things down a little bit. 

my mom still wanted to shop a little bit but at this point i was in need of an afternoon pick me up. enter: cappucino froyo with chocolate sprinkles. this was SO good. 

and then we went to our last stop - target! i got a workout tank there a few weeks ago and really liked it, so when i didn't love any of the ones in lululemon i figured going back to target and grabbing a second tank in a different color would be a good idea. i actually brought in my new lululemon shorts to try on with some tanks to make sure i liked the two together, and ended up getting a light blue one. 

i also finally got a blender bottle!! i can't wait to try making iced protein coffee with this baby. 

all in all i spent around $150 today - all on things that i absolutely love! it was nice to splurge since i've been working SO MUCH lately and haven't been shopping in quite awhile. i also find it funny that all i bought was workout clothes and makeup, and no normal clothes. story of my life Winking smile

i'm off to make dinner - some cheesy pasta is sounding mighty good right now!

where do you normally buy workout clothes?
favorite piece of workout gear?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

it's the little things.

when your friend bakes you coconut chocolate chip oatmeal cookies even though she doesn't like coconut <3

when you get awesome packages in the mail. thanks, chobani!! {p.s. that vanilla chocolate chunk flavor? AH-mazing! i am in LOVE with it!}

getting to petsit for 7 of the most adorable kittens ever. my dad keeps reminding me that we have 4 cats and don't need any more pets but THEY'RE SOOOOO CUTE! and i think they're up for adoption soon.. we'll see if i can work any magic by then ;) 

having to work in a new location and then realizing that it's worth having to drive 20 extra minutes to get there because on your lunch break you can get a huge salad at whole foods next door {this one cost $10. whoops.}

my newly created celebrity husband board on Pinterest. yep, i went there. makes me so happy. 

my Friday treat: triple shot 2 pump vanilla nonfat latte. sometimes you just gotta get the real deal. 

i'm so glad it's the weekend! i have a long shift at work tonight (day 6.. woop woop! my next paycheck's gonna be ballin'. haha.) but then i have a full two days off. i think i'm going to go outlet shopping and see a movie! 

what made your week this week? 
any fun plans this weekend?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Second Sprint Triathlon!

I finished my second sprint triathlon this morning - and had so much fun!! It was a local triathlon 'for fun' so it was geared towards beginners and people who have never done triathlons before. I did it two years ago with my mom and had a blast, so when I saw that one of the dates fit into my schedule this year I had to sign up! {also, my brother is the best - he signed up to do it too!}

Alarm went off wayyyy too early this morning! But I made sure to eat some cinnamon raisin toast with almond butter and coffee in the car (also woke up hungry for some reason.. weird!)

Check in started at 5:30 and we got there around 5:45. Only mistake we made is that we forgot our picture IDs - but luckily since this was a very low-key event they let us get our bibs anyway. I almost thought they weren't going to give them to us which would have been horrible (money wasted, early wake up call, and not getting to participate) but thankfully that wasn't the case. 

We got our bibs, got body marked, and set up our transition stuff. I forgot to take a picture of it, but here's a list of everything I brought/wore:
  • triathlon shorts
  • sports bra
  • dry-wick tshirt
  • 2 pairs socks (just in case)
  • running shoes
  • swim goggles
  • swim cap
  • bike helmet
  • 2 towels - 1 for me, 1 for the ground
  • water bottle on my bike 
Then we waited around a little bit for the start, which was at 7am. 

my "i can't believe i'm awake smile"
excited but cold!!
At 6:45 they had a little info session for first-timers - I listened anyway because the last time I did a tri was 2 years ago, plus this was my brother's first one! Then the director of the event organizer that puts on the tris every summer spoke a little bit because this year marked the 25th anniversary of the Tri For Fun.

And then it was time to put our swim caps on and get ready to go! 

They organized everyone in waves - the 1st wave was the 'competitive' wave (aka everyone who knew what the heck they were doing! haha) and then every wave after that was by gender and age. The last wave was for people who were first-timers, especially young or elderly, or who were just nervous about the swim (two years ago that was the wave I was in and it defintely eased my nerves a little bit). This year I went in the women's 17-29 group and it worked out perfectly. My brother was two waves in front of me, so I didn't see him much, but it was nice to know that he was somewhere out there too!

The swim actually went by relatively quickly - it's always a little unnerving when the water's murky and there's reefy things in the water, but I managed not to panic. I swam breaststroke for most of it because it was easier to see where I was going and allowed me to get a little bit more air. 

The bike ride was mostly flat, but definitely was my least favorite part. There wasn't too much scenery and I felt like I had to pay attention all the time to make sure I didn't crash or anything. I'll take running over biking any day!

leaving for the run! 
The run was, of course, my favorite part. I passed a lot of people and it was actually a cross country course that I used to run in high school, so I felt completely in my element. It was also fun because we passed the same water station three times (the course is kind of like a figure 8) and there was a truck there with all the water stuff that was playing country music. I was like 'come with meeee!' haha but just the few seconds of music I heard each time I passed was nice. And all of the volunteers and fellow athletes were so encouraging!! The atmosphere was just so awesome :) 

Headed towards the finish line! 

I finished with an approximate time of 1 hour and 13 minutes (it wasn't chip timed or anything - the clock was just there 'for fun' i guess you could say)! Everyone cheering at the end made me so happy :) 

{Side note: my triathlon shorts I got the other day were AWESOME! dried quickly, really comfortable on the bike and run too. the brand was Zoot if you're curious!}

leg numbers!
My brother said he really liked the race too! Since we were in different waves it actually worked out perfectly for my dad who came to watch - there was barely any time where he didn't see one of us doing something. & a big thanks to my dad who woke up the buttcrack of dawn to put our bikes in the car and then took all of these awesome photos! 

And when I got around to thinking about it.. if I'm doing this at 17 years old - just think what the future holds! I am so excited for the many races ahead :) Doing things like this also just makes me realize how much I LOVE being active and how grateful I am to have a strong body and my health. 

Also, reppin' the body numbers today ;) 

have you ever done a triathlon before? 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Please Tell Me I'm Not the Only One...

... who lipsyncs to every song that plays while ellipticalling (<-- yeah, probably not a word.)

{yep. still on repeat. #notsorry}

... who does this:

... who wishes that they were at the Healthy Living Summit right now.

... who bakes coconut protein cookies at 10:30 at night.

... and then proceeds to eat 4 of them smeared with almond butter for breakfast the next morning.

... who rewears workout clothes without washing them. {i know. i'm gross.}

...who lets her cats sleep on the table because they look too cute while sleeping to be disturbed.

... who gets more excited about a yummy breakfast than going clothes shopping.

english muffin with avocado, bacon, and eggs. hello delicious.
fill in the blank: tell me i'm not the only one who _______

Friday, August 10, 2012


{i just wanted to thank you guys for all of your suggestions on cheap smoothie ingredients! and especially to masha, who pointed out that i can swipe bananas from the dining commons. WIN. i'm planning on getting to work on perfecting my smoothie recipes asap, so beware: lots of smoothies coming your way soon!}

this morning i woke up with a pounding headache. you know, the kind where you sit up and your head feels like it's going to explode. i think it's a combination of working an 8-hour shift yesterday and not drinking enough water - we were slammed yesterday!

anyway, this morning i've been drinking LOTS of water and coffee:

and i decided a yummy breakfast was in order. kodiak cakes to the rescue! 

i cooked up some bacon while i was waiting for the pancakes to cook (<--- a sign you know i'm not feeling good. normally bacon sounds disgusting in the morning!) and it. was. delicious. also, anyone else make little baby pancakes so you can eat those while the big ones cook? no? yeah. i'm weird. 

anyway, back to these pancakes. kodiak cakes are the best. they have a super short ingredient list and all you have to do is mix em up with water. i know, i know, gettin' all fancy on ya ;) 

i stacked mine up with Barney Butter and drizzled on the maple syrup.. talk about a delicious breakfast!! not to mention now my house smells freakin' amazing. family: you're welcome. 

i'm feeling a bit better now that i've got food in my belly and advil in my system but i'm still going to take it easy until i have to go into work today. a short run might be in order, though, since i just got these in the mail the other day:

hello, my beauties. (aka Nike Lunarglide 4s). my Lunarglide 3s had seen a few too many miles and i finally remembered to order a new pair on Zappos. so far i am loving the 4s!! and i love the neon yellow, too. gotta have a pop of color on my shoes! 

what's your best headache cure?
favorite pair of running shoes?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On A Smoothie Mission.

{thank you guys so much for all of your feedback on my vlog yesterday - I can't wait to follow up on it in the fall!! if you haven't checked it out yet, i'd love it if you watched!}

so i made a pretty dang awesome purchase yesterday. meet my new baby:

i actually stood in front of the display for a solid 20 minutes (i kid you not) a few days back, debating on whether or not i would want a blender in my dorm room next year. i decided to think about it and come back later if i decided i really wanted one. eventually the pros definitely outweighed the cons! 

  • i can easily make smoothies for healthy snacks in the afternoon between meals. 
  • i drink smoothies all the time, and spending $5 every time i want a smoothie would not be good for my wallet, so owning my own blender made more sense.
  • the magic bullet is a really small blender which is perfect for single-lady smoothies.
  • the blender is the cup. aka awesome.
  • it got really good reviews online.
  • it was only $50 at target, plus you get a $10 gift card back when you buy it, so it was essentially only $40. 
  • noise. any blender is going to make some noise. i hope my roommates don't hate me. (i'm not going to be using it in the mornings, though! that would be guaranteed to make people angry, haha.)
  • it still does take up a little space, which i don't have very much of (i'm living in a triple). 
in the end, am SO HAPPY that i ended up buying it!! i think it will definitely help me on my quest to maintain my healthy lifestyle next year. 

now that i do have the blender - i am on a MISSION these last few weeks of summer to create a smoothie recipe that has minimal ingredients (hopefully only 3-4), tastes yummy, has protein, and is CHEAP <-- most important for broke college peeps. 

i'm planning on pricing out different protein sources (per serving), different liquids (i'm thinking about using juice since it will add more flavor and some are relatively inexpensive), and different fruits (hello, bananas. i love you.) to create the perfect healthy smoothie. 

so, any {cheap} smoothie ingredient suggestions? 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My College Fears {First Vlog!}

Hey guys!

I did my first vlog today! I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would (but then again, I love to talk.. so I guess I shouldn't have expected anything else!)!

I talked about the Freshman 15, getting into a routine of working out, being homesick, and a few other things! These of course aren't all of my fears (trust me, there's plenty more!) but they are the ones that are most relatable to what I like to write about here :)

I hope you enjoy!

what were your biggest fears going into college?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mango Blueberry Smoothie

hi guys!
i just got home from my amazing vacation last night - i was definitely sad to leave, but very happy to sleep in my own bed and give my kitties lots of kisses!

today i'm spending lots of time unpacking and getting all my stuff organized (as well as jumping straight back into work - hello, 7-hour shift!) so i thought i'd share this awesome smoothie recipe with you that i made while i was in maui!

Mango Blueberry Smoothie

by Julianna Foster
Prep Time: 5 min

Ingredients (serves 1)
  • 1 container of Mango Chobani
  • 1 frozen chopped banana
  • 1/2 cup fresh blueberries
  • 1/2 cup milk
Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.
Powered by Recipage

what's the best smoothie you've made recently?