Saturday, April 28, 2012

weekend countdown {number five.}

hi guys! i hope you all are enjoying your weekends! i was definitely very happy to get to sleep in this morning- this week has been an exhausting one!

i haven't written a weekend countdown in awhile and have lots to share, so i figured it would be a perfect post today.

5 favorite pins of the week
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4 workouts of the week (friend me on dailymile here!)

3 meals/snacks of late
frozen vanilla greek yogurt with mixed berries
annie's shells & white cheddar with spinach & artichoke sausage
a big cereal bowl with puffed millet, kashi golean crisp cinnamon, strawberries, maple almond butter, and almond milk
2 cute kitty pictures

1 favorite song of the week
yeah, i'm on the one direction bandwagon now.. #noshame so freakin catchy!!
what are you loving this week? favorite song to workout to?

Foodie Penpals: April

It's time for the Foodie Penpals reveal again!

[For more information on what the program is and/or how to sign up, click HERE! A big thanks to Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean for organizing all of this every month :)]

This month Becky sent me a package full of yummy goodies!

First up: two bags of homemade cookies! I love getting home-baked goodies in the mail :) My favorite of the two was the nutella chocolate chip cookies {I ate all of them by myself..whoops!;)}, but the chocolate chip ones were also delicious!

I also received a Luna bar (love!),

some Justin's nut butter packets (long gone, of course!)

some raspberry fruit leathers,

homemade granola (perfect as a yogurt-topper!), 

and salt & peppa pistachios! these are definitely my new favorite kind of pistachios!

Thanks for an awesome package, Becky!!!

did you participate in foodie penpals this month? best item you received?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WIAW: Senioritis.

hi guys! i hope you are all having a wonderful week!!

my senioritis is definitely kicking in right now - i am just SO tired of homework, essays, studying, and projects! i'm definitely ready to get outta here.. just gotta hold on for a little under 2 more months! it seems crazy that i'm graduating so soon, but at the same time i am really excited for the next part of my life. 

anyway, what better way to procrastinate my english essay than to write a WIAW post? so here we go with the latest eats! [sorry for the iPhone pics, by the way! it's been busy around here lately!]
[obsessed with the combo of fresh blackberries and vanilla greek yogurt. i've eaten this a million times the past few days!]
[quick packed lunch- blackberries+chobani, peanut butter balance bar]
[a new buy! it's definitely pretty crispy but i really like it sprinkled on yogurt.]
[mixed greens, carrots, onion, red bell pepper, turkey, avocado, sesame ginger dressing]
[drinking vitamin water like its my job..addicted!]
[toast with avocado and cheddar under the broiler for a minute]
[cinnamon banana bread. i finished off the whole loaf all by myself- in LOVE! definitely a must make!]
[semi-homemade pizza with WF crust. one slice of marinara, parmesan, and mushroom, and one slice of olive oil, grilled chicken, and asiago.]
[toasted almond butter+apple butter sammy with coffee]
[almond, cashew, cranberry trail mix bags]

and a few recent outfits!
[my tank says life is beautiful! :)]

i can't wait for friday.. who's with me??
best thing you ate this week? 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

[HOT] weekend.

hey guys! i hope you are all enjoying your Sundays! 
my weekend has been wonderful, but it is HOT here!! yesterday it was around 90, and jumping from 60 degrees to that is definitely a big change. summer, come faster!!
[warning...seriously random post ahead!;)]

summery outfits!
rockin the high bun (my hair is HEAVY!) and a random heart tattoo, haha!
 eating frozen berries like it's my job in an effort to cool down!
watching my kitties be total goofballs in the nice weather saturday afternoon..
 getting pedicures and ice cream with my momma!
eating dinner outside in the backyard
 WF salad (lettuce, carrots, cucs, mushrooms, onions, chicken, cheese) and lemonade!
going to tough BodyCombat and BodyPump classes Sunday morning!
 iced vanilla latte - weekend treat!
 and now, it's back to this:
AP tests and some of my finals are coming up FAST! studying my bootay off!!
and one more thing before i go..
toldya it was a random post!!
what was the best thing that you did this weekend?