Saturday, February 23, 2013

Core Foods.

Hi guys!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend - I've spent mine working, doing some studying, and some hanging out with friends. Not a half bad weekend for 7th week!

I have a really awesome review for you today. I usually don't review too many products because I personally don't like reading a lot of reviews on other blogs, but when I hear about a product that's really stellar, I want to tell you about it!

I got the chance to try CORE Defender Meals from CORE Foods through my SweatPink ambassadorship, and I'm so glad that I did. CORE Meals aren't your average 'health' bar. CORE meals are a fresh, full bowl of raw oatmeal to go - in bar form! Each of the bars is made from 7 raw, organic, whole foods ingredients.

When you eat one of the bars, you're supposed to drink a bottle of water (2 glasses) with it to equal 1 full bowl of oatmeal. I was a little skeptical of the staying power of these bars because usually a bar never fill me up like a meal does - but of all the bars I've had, these were the most filling.

My favorite bar was definitely the raw almond raisin bar - it tasted just like a bowl of oatmeal I would've made myself at home. And these bars were PERFECT for long hours of studying at the library. Nothing like healthy energy to power you through lots of work!

Not only are the nutrition stats, ingredients, taste, and staying power of these bars amazing - but the company is really incredible as well. CORE foods is a certified B corporation & they reinvest all of their profit into food, community, and the planet. Basically, they make really awesome food because they LOVE it, not because they're trying to make money off of us. And companies like that are companies that I love.

I'd love for you guys to try out these bars too - if you "like" CORE Foods on Facebook, you get a $5 coupon code good for any online order and you can also enter to win a free case of the bars! Here's the link for the coupon code.

 I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend - I'll be back soon with the latest eats & workouts!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Five (+1) Things Friday

1. I DID A PULL-UP this week!! 4, to be exact :) That was my goal for the end of this school year and i'm so stoked to say that i CRUSHED it. and i know that i could've done more so i'm really excited to see where i'll be at the end of the year!

2. my mom sent me the cutest valentine's care package with coffee, brookside chocolate, a little burt's bee's kit, a few other things, and a little card that made my day.

3. a shirt that i ordered myself from fashletics finally came! i have had this shirt on my pinterest board for the longest time and now that i have a part time job again i finally justified buying it for myself. it's so comfy and flattering and makes me feel like a total badass!(the back says i choose strength)

4. another reason my mom is the best: texts like this.

5. when you get chocolate covered strawberries in the dining hall on valentine's day, a food baby is totally unavoidable. i'm pretty sure i ate like 6.. and i am perfectly okay with that because food was my valentine. duh. ;)

5+1. CHEM MIDTERM IS OVER. it was awful, but it's over!! and i'm so glad it's the weekend!

any fun plans this weekend?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

weekend countdown returns!

a bajillion food pics that i haven't shared with you guys yet:

greek yogurt bowl with blueberry muesli, frozen raspberries, banana, almond butter, and honey bunches of oats

sweet potato with vanilla CHO and honey

oatmeal with banana and almonds

rice cake with peanut butter and almond m&ms

a huge pile of roasted brussels sprouts. i got SO excited when i saw these in the dining hall! #foodiealert

another bowl of greek yogurt, muesli, banana, raspberries, and almond butter

quinoa(!!) with steak and butternut squash

lentils with butternut squash and steak 

turkey, avocado, and veggie sub

yet another greek yogurt bowl with muesli, banana, honey, and granola

5 workouts of the week: 

sunday: 6 mile run
monday: IFT class
tuesday: 4.4 mile run
thursday: late night circuit workout to wake me up before my graveyard shift. super proud that i actually got this one in!

friday: 3.5 mile run

today i'm hopefully going to head out for a run later or do a quick speed session on the treadmill!

4 photos from my 3-hour adventure trying to find sprinkles cupcakes last night:

PSI: the metro is very, very confusing. thank goodness for unlimited ride cards!

3 favorite pins of the week:

2 things making me smile:
-that i get to facetime my parents today!
-the #SheReadsTruth soul detox plan. i am loving it so far even though i'm really behind!

1 question for ya'll: what's the best thing you ate/did/sweated out this week?