Saturday, October 13, 2012

Highlights of the Week

happy saturday everyone! i am so happy it's the weekend!! it has definitely been a long week to say the least. but here's some of the highlights! 

finally getting to put on jeans because it's been a little chillier this week! 

making a trip into westwood in the middle of the week solely for a ginourmous cup of coconut froyo (with strawberries, brownie bits, almonds, coconut, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and shredded coconut). it was SO good.

getting to wake up to this sunrise. talk about beautiful! 

a reese's pumpkin. no explanation necessary. 

going for an awesome 7-mile run with my running club on wednesday. we ran straight uphill for the first half of the run but it was so worth it - check out this view!!

getting care package from home with BARNEY BUTTER. (and other snackage, a mug, a bowl, pajama shorts, and hair bows. my mom rocks.) i was running around like crazy freaking out and all of my friends were cracking up at me. 

going to my second barbell class on Thursday night - we actually used the barbells this time and learned deadlifts and cleans. i deadlifted 100 lbs (and i'm finding my 1-rep max next tuesday!) and was SO PROUD of myself! and i felt so badass doing cleans with such a huge bar.

getting to drink tea in my room! i am so glad that my mom sent the mug because i've been drinking tea like crazy after coming down with a cold this week. 

seeing a gorgeous double rainbow after a thunderstorm on thursday afternoon!! 

trying my first ever pumpkin smash smoothie from jamba juice. it was pretty good but i definitely prefer fruity smoothies. 

unfortunately the lowlights of the week were getting sick and having a bedbug scare. long story short my roomies and i had to move out for a night to a different building because we thought we got bedbugs, but luckily we didn't get them! but it was definitely really stressful (not to mention i didn't get any sleep thursday night) and that on top of being sick did not make for a fun friday at all. i'm just happy to be back in my own room again!

this morning i woke up and was feeling like crap, but after texting my mom (who suggested that i get out and move a bit to clear my sinuses) i ended up going for a short run a little less than 3 miles. 

i ended my run at starbucks and got an iced coffee with 1 pump pumpkin spice. i sucked it down in like 5 minutes and went back for my free refill (yep the barista definitely thought i was crazy haha), and somehow ended up buying an egg wrap because any non dining hall food sounded delicious. and it tasted SO FREAKING GOOD! i am definitely sick of oatmeal, salad bar, peanut butter toast, and turkey sandwiches. i cannot wait to make my own food when i go home for thanksgiving and christmas!

i've spent most of the rest of today in my room trying to get some work done.. but it's so hard to be productive when i have a huge list of stuff i want to finish this weekend. it's like it's so daunting that i didn't even want to start! haha. and then tonight i'm going out with some friends to celebrate one of their birthdays! 

what was a highlight of your week?
tips on productivity? 


  1. That sunrise is beautiful! I would love to run watching that happen!

  2. Highlights--homecoming week at school (and only a four day week because of Columbus day)! making my own recipe for pumpkin peanut butter pancakes and they were so yummy. awesome fuji apples that my mom bought--they are HUGE and they taste like candy to me! just a nice week at dance :) a really good workout yesterday!
    I should go be productive now haha.

  3. I love that it's getting colder out now! I love wearing jeans and boots. :) Aw, what a sweet care package from home! Love double rainbows!

  4. Sorry about the bed bug scare! That happened to me my freshman year, too. How weird is that?! I didn't have bed bugs - thank goodness! Definitely a scary feeling. Hope you feel better!

  5. aren't care packages the absolute best?

  6. Wow what an awesome week! I am loving that view on your run! SO awesome! That bed bug scare sounds awful! That is like my worst nightmare! My dorm had a spider infestation earlier this year and it was disgusting!!!

  7. can I just say I LOVE your sense of style. very much up my alley.

  8. Awww, so sweet of your family to mail you care packages! What is it making Barney Butter that special? I've seen many bloggers rave about it.

    Sorry for the bedbug scare - that's definitely not the idea of a calm night. Glad there weren't any in your room in the end, though.

    My highlight of last week might sound lame but it was a movie night with someone I hadn't seen in too long. My idea of a nice evening :).

  9. Your outfit is adorable. And you are seriously the beastiliest, most fantastic student probably on that campus. You are amazing. As are Reese's holiday shapes...they taste so much better!