Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weird Weather

I was bummed when I woke up this morning because I didn't get to wear my new shorts to school today - it is freezing and rainy here in CA! What is going on??

Someone else is not very happy either...
grumpy Ginnie Mae

Meet Ginnie Mae! More kitty pictures are coming soon :) 
I'm with her, though - I would like my summer weather, please! I miss making smoothies since I usually make them when it is hot outside, too.

Instead of a smoothie (I have yet to make a Green Monster, can you believe it? That is on my summer To-Do list!) I made a cheddar, salsa, and egg white quesadilla this morning. I just cooked the eggs with some salsa in the microwave, then piled up the fixin's and cooked it in my panini maker! 

ooey gooey
With a side of juicy strawberries:

I made my lunch after eating breakfast - I am so tired of having to pack cold lunches! I am very excited to get to incorporate a little more variety into my midday meal when I have access to a kitchen (aka don't have to go to school!) 
Today I had an herb-roasted turkey and lettuce sandwich, more strawberries, carrots, and a string cheese. 

all packed up!

And now I am going to workout! Since it is rainy I am planning on doing the elliptical while looking for a yummy recipe to make for my family tonight. I also am trying to increase the amount of strength training I do since I know it's good for me and am planning on at least 15 minutes of weights. 

See ya soon! 

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  1. I really prefer strength training over cardio; I'm not sure why! Working out on a rainy day is the best. I love rain, and it's just nice to be in the gym when it's pouring. :)

    Yay for juicy summer strawberries!