Friday, February 15, 2013

Five (+1) Things Friday

1. I DID A PULL-UP this week!! 4, to be exact :) That was my goal for the end of this school year and i'm so stoked to say that i CRUSHED it. and i know that i could've done more so i'm really excited to see where i'll be at the end of the year!

2. my mom sent me the cutest valentine's care package with coffee, brookside chocolate, a little burt's bee's kit, a few other things, and a little card that made my day.

3. a shirt that i ordered myself from fashletics finally came! i have had this shirt on my pinterest board for the longest time and now that i have a part time job again i finally justified buying it for myself. it's so comfy and flattering and makes me feel like a total badass!(the back says i choose strength)

4. another reason my mom is the best: texts like this.

5. when you get chocolate covered strawberries in the dining hall on valentine's day, a food baby is totally unavoidable. i'm pretty sure i ate like 6.. and i am perfectly okay with that because food was my valentine. duh. ;)

5+1. CHEM MIDTERM IS OVER. it was awful, but it's over!! and i'm so glad it's the weekend!

any fun plans this weekend?


  1. oh man that is what I miss about college, awesome care packages like that. I am so wishing I had some v day candy today or yesterday. especially delicious chocolate covered strawberries. Nice job on the pull up!!!!

  2. Your mom is seriously the care package queen! Good job on the pull-ups and making it through the Chem midterm. Have a fun three-day weekend :)!

  3. Aw that looks like such a nice care package.
    I know the feeling when you eventually get unassisted pull ups!! It feels great doesnt it!!
    Food was my valentine too haha ;) those chocolate covered strawberries look unreal!

  4. Your dining hall looks awesome! I would love to have gourmet stuff like chocolate covered strawberries available! They even decorated the plate?! So cute! Love that shirt too!

  5. I seriously am jealous of your dining hall! And your pullup abilities! I can't do one at all!!

  6. The strawberries look delicious! I want some now. And, you have an awesome mom that gives you great care pacakges. =)
    As for the pull-ups, great job! I can't even do one! I'm starting to lift weights (i've started the past couple weeks) and I hope to be able to soon!