Saturday, February 9, 2013

weekend countdown returns!

a bajillion food pics that i haven't shared with you guys yet:

greek yogurt bowl with blueberry muesli, frozen raspberries, banana, almond butter, and honey bunches of oats

sweet potato with vanilla CHO and honey

oatmeal with banana and almonds

rice cake with peanut butter and almond m&ms

a huge pile of roasted brussels sprouts. i got SO excited when i saw these in the dining hall! #foodiealert

another bowl of greek yogurt, muesli, banana, raspberries, and almond butter

quinoa(!!) with steak and butternut squash

lentils with butternut squash and steak 

turkey, avocado, and veggie sub

yet another greek yogurt bowl with muesli, banana, honey, and granola

5 workouts of the week: 

sunday: 6 mile run
monday: IFT class
tuesday: 4.4 mile run
thursday: late night circuit workout to wake me up before my graveyard shift. super proud that i actually got this one in!

friday: 3.5 mile run

today i'm hopefully going to head out for a run later or do a quick speed session on the treadmill!

4 photos from my 3-hour adventure trying to find sprinkles cupcakes last night:

PSI: the metro is very, very confusing. thank goodness for unlimited ride cards!

3 favorite pins of the week:

2 things making me smile:
-that i get to facetime my parents today!
-the #SheReadsTruth soul detox plan. i am loving it so far even though i'm really behind!

1 question for ya'll: what's the best thing you ate/did/sweated out this week?


  1. It looks like you're having a great time in college (and eating great foods!).
    And, I've never used the Metro before. I'm glad you finally found your way to the cupcake place. =)

  2. Aw I am so happy you are having a blast. it really seems like you have adjusted so well!

  3. I love seeing your posts! You are so relatable because you're the only blogger I follow that's closest to my age (I'm a junior in high school). You are such an inspiration not only food/fitness-wise but also faith-wise! :)
    Anyway, your workouts and eats look awesome and I am super jealous that you got to go to Sprinkles!
    I had some great workouts this week! I did Itz Linz's 40/20 workout on Monday since I was crunched for time. Dance happened Tuesday and Thursday, which is always awesome. And yesterday, although I was sore, I did a DVD that I love by Jackie Warner and it never fails to kill me. So I am really sore today, but it was worth it!
    This week in terms of food, I've been obsessed with roasted root veggies that my mom has been making. YUM. Especially sweet potatoes. Can't get enough!

    1. thank you so much ali! :) also roasted sweet potatoes are BOMB! i miss them so much, microwaved is just not the same.

  4. Oh man I really need to get around to having my sweet potato with yogurt. I am all for the nut butter topping but have never tried yogurt :) What do you normally put on your rice cakes? I have a bag in my pantry but don't know how to eat them haha.

    My best workout was this morning's 12 miler! Everything just felt good and the weather wasn't too bad :)

    1. usually i put some sort of nut butter on my rice cakes! i also love having them with mashed avocado and cheese, with hummus, or with protein powder frosting.

  5. I love the anchor pins and I love that you spent 3 hours trying to find sprinkles cupcakes. A girl after my own heart <3

  6. All your food looks so yummy! I struggle so much with making healthy yummy food in college! Sweet potatoes, oatmeal, egg whites, and greek yogurt are what I live off of!

  7. Isn't it the best thing to complete a workout when you think you're unable to due to other commitments? I ran 30 miles this week and it felt awesome and accomplishing to set that goal and meet it even though I was crazy busy in the middle of the week!

    The cupcake atm is so cute :3!

  8. Aw looks like you've had some lovely delicious eats!!!
    Good that you eventually managed to find Sprinkles too! Woooo!
    I had a great workout this weekend; did my legs today; literally cannot walk now owwww.

  9. Your trip to sprinkles seems like a fun adventure ;) and seems TOTALLY worth it!