Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break {2013}

i can't believe break is almost over already! it seems like i was just talking to you guys about trying to survive finals and here i am typing this up with only a few days left of spring break. 

it has been a truly amazing and much needed break, though! i wanted to share some photos with you guys, because i took lots {pretty sure one day my iPhone is going to explode with photos. juuust sayin'}. 

brunchin' with the big bro at corner bakery:

my crazy family is reunited {and to top that off, we went to the happiest place on earth!}

and of course a little kid's souvenir cup at carsland was 100% necessary. 

i had so much fun at disneyland and california adventure- we hit up all the best rides (space mountain, indiana jones, matterhorn, buzz lightyear, california screamin', tower of terror, soarin' over california, radiator springs, and more!) and i don't think i've ever appreciated getting to spend time with my family more. 

i had lots of cappucinos (seriously, people. you don't realize how good starbucks is until you're deprived of it for weeks at a time) and i also ate lots of good food - we got pizza 3 out of the 5 nights my parents were here (in classic foster style). we also ate lots of cookies and froyo and all of that wonderfulness! 

after our two days at disneyland, my mom and i had a day together shopping, which was so much fun! i got a few new dresses, skirts, and shorts that were much needed because it's going to start getting hot here really soon. this is one of the skirts i got: 

on our last day, my family went to see olympus has fallen (i thought it was a great movie!), had dinner at the counter (also known as my favorite place ever), and watched modern family and nashville on TV. basically a perfect day. 

 all in all it has been a wonderful break and i couldn't've asked for anything better! my parents dropped my brother and i off back at campus today and i've spent the day unpacking, cleaning and organizing my room (took soooo long!), picking up some essentials, and eating at whole foods. that spicy shrimp and avocado roll hit the spot!

aand now i'm eating a ginormous bowl of panda puffs (best cereal ever..anyone with me?) and am planning on skyping some friends and watching a movie for the rest of the night. 'twas a good day! 

stay tuned for a Quest Bar review coming your way soon - if you haven't already gotten the hint from twitter, it's safe to say that i'm addicted. i can't wait to tell you guys about them! 



  1. Wow julianna. It looks like you had a great spring break. I love disneyland and california adventures. Space mountain and california screamin are my favorite rides. Tower of terror is awesome too. Starbucks is the best and I love cookies and froyo. My spring break was just relaxing at home. I go back to school the second of april. By the way,cute skirt.

  2. Wow your break looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had an amazing time. The food looks delicious and you look really happy in all the pictures! I always have a hard time saying goodbye after a break like that but summer will be here soon!

  3. gosh I want your spring break! that ice cream cone is seriously all I am craving.

  4. oh wow looks like you had so much fun! disneyland california looks amazinggg; that ice <3

  5. Looks like you and your family had a blast!! Disney is always fun :) I always love seeing the joy you have when you spend time with your family. Today is my last day of break :( But Happy Easter!! Alleluia!
    I haven't tried panda puffs yet but my favorite cereal is the peanut butter puffins, which are pretty similar right? I would still love to try the panda puffs soon :D