Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

{imagine dragons. freaking incredible live! best concert i've ever been to}


{spicy shrimp and avocado sushi from whole foods}

{playing in the fountain like 5 year olds} 

{pretending to be a photographer}


{chocolate coconut cupcake with coffee ice cream in the middle from sprinkles. heaven.}

{signed up for the giant half marathon in august! i'm so excited!! it's in one of my favorite cities and you run right along the water to the golden gate bridge and back to at&t park, home of my giants.}

what's the best thing you did/ate/saw last weekend?


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! =) Yummy ice cream..And playing in the fountain? That sounds like so much fun. I haven't done that in such a long time.
    Good luck with your half marathon! It sounds like fun. =)

  2. I need that cupcake...must go to Sprinkles! Just added it to my "restaurant bucket list" ;). The race sounds awesome! I signed up for the Nike Women's Half in SF this October yesterday...looking forward to it :)

  3. That cupcake/ice cream thing looks insane!!!!!!!!! And so jealous of your concert. They were supposed to be at the music festival I'm going to in two weeks but they aren't anymore :(

  4. mmmm this post reminds me of all the good times during spring quarters. Lots of fun outing with friends, pooltime, sunshine, and FOOD. I am absolutely blown away by that Sprinkles concoction. My aunt is obsessed with Sprinkles and everytime I go to her house I get treated with a cupcake, but I had NO idea they have ice cream too! WHOOOO Half Marathon Excitement! We can keep each other motivated this summer :)