Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Day.

Guys it's BIRTHDAY WEEK! Haha can you tell I'm excited?? I'm actually way more excited to see my parents and my kitties (I can't wait to bury my face in their fluffiness and call them weird pet names and snuggle with them basically 24/7) and to bake for Thanksgiving than I am about leaving lucky number 17 and turning 18, but my excitement levels about going home in general are pretty ridiculous.

I'm finally done with my math and chem midterms and barely survived them.. I don't want to see another integral or wave function or probability distribution for at least a week a year. Finals are going to be just dandy..

I've been running on lotsa coffee as usual:

Then last night after my chem midterm I went for froyo with my bible study (and they sang me happy birthday and sufficiently embarassed me. Love them so much!) and let's just say I went a *little* bananas. Almost $6 even with a student discount but it was ohsoworthit. Minus the tummyache after. Oh wait.. that was kinda worth it too.

I've also had One Direction's new album on repeat ever since I discovered it was all on Spotify a few days ago. I just love how upbeat all the songs are! I am obsessed with crazy dancing with this album and T-Swift with my awesome roomies. Just FYI, dance parties are the best way to procrastinate studying. They happen a lot when I get stressed. I also am pretty sure that all my floor mates have no doubt about my craziness after that night before my chem midterm.. we were blasting music and going all out and a lot of them paused on their way down the hall to see what shenanigans were going on in our room.

Oh and I can't leave before mentioning that UCLA BEAT SC last weekend! We got drenched at the game and it was a long day of being cold and wet and hungry (long story short I didn't have snacks and had to go 8+ hours without food. When I finally got my hands on food I'm pretty sure I demolished it all in less than 4 minutes. Serious.) but in the end it was so worth going! The energy of the student section was so insane and I'm surprised I didn't lose my voice. So proud to be a Bruin :)

Anyway, this post was basically my way of procrastinating that paper I need to be working on. It's the only thing standing in the way between me and going home tomorrow!! T-minus 24 hours and I will be en route to the airport. CAN'T WAIT.

how are you celebrating thanksgiving?


  1. so fun! 18 is a big year. Man drooling over that froyo, worth every single bite for sure

  2. Happy birthday, sweetie!

  3. i have dance parties when i'm stressed, too!! haha

    happy birthday :)

  4. yay! I hope you have a great birthday! I usually like celebrating for two weeks straight haha !(:

  5. What a cute post! I hope you have a fantastic birthday :)

  6. Two midterms AND a paper?? Then that froyo was well deserved my friend! I love that your Birthday falls during Thanksgiving week, I have a feeling that your week is going to be amazing!

  7. That froyo looks so delicious! Have fun at home and happy b-day :)!

  8. Happy Birthday, Julianna!!! :D I just turned 17 1/2, to I still have a ways to wait until I turn 18, but life is still good. :) Good luck with your tests and paper! I know you can conquer them. :)