Thursday, December 13, 2012

Harry & David Pears!

Right now I'm sitting in the airport and couldn't be happier - I finished my last final exam yesterday and am FREE for the holidays!! I can honestly say that I've never worked harder for anything in my life and accomplishing what I did this quarter is something I'm really proud of.

There were a few things that definitely got me through finals week - coffee, dance parties with my amazing roomies, living in sweatpants, quick treadmill runs to bust stress, and PACKAGES! Y'all know that packages are some of my favorite things ever.

My momma sent me a finals survival care package with lots of goodies. She even included two CDs for dance party breaks (she knows me so well ;) which definitely came in handy!!

I also received a box of Harry & David freshly-picked pears to try out. When the company kindly contacted me to see if I would be willing to review some of their fruit, I immediately said yes!

I've been living off of bananas over here (you don't even want to know how many bananas I ate this quarter) so I was dying for some good fruit. I'd heard so many good things about Harry & David through friends and other blogs and couldn't wait to try the fruit out for myself!

I received a box of the Royal Riviera Pears, which are the most popular fruit that Harry & David harvests. And now I know why they're so popular - these were literally the best pears I have ever eaten.  The pears were perfectly soft, sweet, juicy, and all-around fantastic. I needed at least 5 napkins just to eat one pear because they were so juicy!

You know how some people say that they are perfectly fine with eating just fruit for dessert? Normally I would never say that, cause this girl's got a huge sweet tooth and loves her baked goods. But these pears were so good I would consider them dessert-worthy. They were the perfect late-night study snack for finals, too!

I even shared a few pears with a couple of friends and one of them proclaimed the pear to be the best thing she'd eaten in weeks. I definitely agree with that statement!

And that golden pear that they include in every box? I saved it for last and had it today on the way to the airport. I gotta say it was the best of the bunch ;-)

I've been eyeing lots of other goodies on the website and there are so many that would make a really great gift for the holidays - there's even up to 25% off on certain holiday gifts! I'm thinking about getting another box of pears for my family as part of their Christmas gift (okay, okay.. I just really want more fruit)

Thank you, Harry & David! 

Disclaimer: I received this box of fruit free of charge. All opinions are my own. 


  1. those pears are seriously my favorite! I wish I had some right now.

  2. Finals week is the most stressful. You don't know how many snacks and exercise bursts (to relieve stress) I went through. I just finished mines this week and officially on a 6 week winter break (I attend a CSU). I love how you have such a close relationship with your mom. It really does help in the long run.
    The fruit does look delicious! I'll have to order some one day.

  3. AYAYYYYYYYYYYYY Congrats, darling! You've done so well and deserve a fantastic break :)