Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIAW: 10th Week & My First Barbell Competition

hi friends! happy WIAW!

i don't have any healthy recipes for ya (but will have plenty when i go home!), but i did actually take pictures of most of my food yesterday - so here's a mostly full day of eats for me!

breakfast: cereal, banana, milk, and a few sips of {awful} coffee. i cannot wait to drink good coffee at home again!

midmorning snack: roasted almonds while studying in the library. chemistry, i hate you.

lunch: whole wheat sandwich with turkey, lettuce, tomato, and dijonaise, an apple, and SoBe Lean.

i also grabbed an {unpictured} nonfat no sugar added mocha as a treat on the way to class. i'm addicted to these things and don't really care about the whole fake sweetener thing. i tried to look it up online once to make sure there wasn't anything crazy weird in the drink {the cafe on campus is coffee bean & tea leaf} but then realized i was still going to drink them anyway so it didn't really matter. i'm weird like that.

afternoon snack: animal crackers (real ones! not those weird cookie things.. anyone else know what i'm talking about?) while doing my reading. it was only a buck for a bag of them at target! i put them into individual baggies so that i wouldn't plow through the whole bag in one study session.

workout: yesterday was my first ever IFT barbell competition! i almost chickened out but i am so glad that i went since it turns out that i won't be able to make the second half of the competition on thursday.

yesterday we did deadlifts and pull-ups & we got three attempts to get our heaviest weight. since i wasn't quite sure how much i could lift, i started with 135# for the deadlift and worked my way up to 160# (which was my 3rd attempt). i think i probably could've done 5-10 pounds more but i am so proud of that!

for the pull-ups, girls were supposed to do as many pull-ups as they could consecutively or do a negative (where you start at the top of pull-up position and lower yourself as slowly as possible) for as long as they can. i haven't exactly attempted a full on pull-up yet and i didn't want to screw up the form, so i did a negative and held it for 40 seconds! i was so proud of that - i hung on longer than any of the other girls in my class (there were ones in other classes that did 45 seconds i think) and everyone was cheering each other on which was so cool. makes me sad that i won't be able to make it tomorrow!

post workout: almond butter + chocolate chips. i should've grabbed something with a lot of protein but i reeeally wanted nut butter! it is what it is.

dinner: plate 1: steamed broccoli and cauliflower, some sort of chicken & spinach salad, and a barley salad.

plate 2: veggie pizza with parmesan cheese, a cup of milk, and a half decaf half hot chocolate mix.

{unpictured: small cup of plain vanilla froyo with sprinkles, and then a piece of AMAZING yellow butter cake with raspberries and white chocolate buttercream that we had at bible study cause one of my leaders' birthdays is today! it was so freaking good. no regrets whatsoever about breaking my 'fruit for dessert' during the week rule.}

also, yesterday was probably the last day i'll actually have worn real clothes for the next 8 days..

cause the week of yoga pants is beginning! everyone knows it's perfectly acceptable to wear yoga pants and sweatpants 24/7 from now until christmas break ;-)

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have a wonderful wednesday everyone! 


  1. Let me just state for the record -- that if I'm going to wear pants in the first place.... they need to be stretchy yoga pants. I'm totally with you =) Happy WIAW love!

  2. oh man when exams come it is all about comfy clothes, forget real clothes

  3. Oh this totally reminded me of when I was little, my grandma used to always give me animal crackers in ziploc baggies, so now animal crackers remind me of baggies and vise versa haha! and I totally agree. Yoga pants > real pants every single time (except when it rains, because wet leggings are no fun)

  4. You make yoga pants look so adorable!! Congrats on kicking major bootay at the competition!

  5. The competition sounds awesome!! You're so strong - I can't wait to refocus on strength training during winter break. Also I love the outfit!!

  6. Cute post :)