Tuesday, April 30, 2013

recent loves.

hi guys!

i'm finally back to writing on my own blog again... at least for today! i miss you guys :) i've been busy studying for midterms, writing papers, and writing my Mojo posts. i really love the internship so far - it's been a lot of work but i'm having a lot of fun writing!

anyway, i wanted to pop in and share some of my favorite things as of late (aka the last week):

favorite meal:
this roasted turkey, bacon, avocado, and tomato sandwich on fresh wheat bread at a place on campus. mmmmmm bacon.

runner up: apples n greens smoothie from jamba juice. i had a gift card which made it all the better! i do really miss making my own green smoothies, though.

new favorite website:
The WOD Shop - it's basically a CrossFit WOD generator, but there's tons of categories to choose from. you pick whatever type of workout you want to do and it pops up with a random one. i've been loving the bodyweight workouts (one of my recent workouts had pistols and my legs died. it was great) for days that i don't go to barbell, since i do workouts with olympic lifts there.

favorite music:
i've recently become obsessed with imagine dragons and mumford & sons. i can't get enough! i also bought the afters new album recently which is really awesome - i highly recommend it.

favorite workout:
a 6-mile run without looking at pace/time. it was so relaxing and reminded why i fell in love with running.

favorite bible verse:
last week i came across this verse and it definitely helped me get through the week. it's so easy to feel lost.. but sometimes, that's okay!
"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."|| Luke 19:10

favorite new app:
so i have no idea how long vine has been around, but i downloaded it the other day and it's really interesting! i'm horrible at making videos/figuring it out, but it was really fun to play around with.

favorite text from home:
my mom sent me this picture of me like a week ago and it totally made my day. i'd never seen it before! even at four years old i was itching to get out the door, haha.

tell me: what's your 'favorite' of the week?


  1. awww. You look so cute in that picture. You were born with the passion to run! I also love running 6 miles without timing or pacing or anything.
    My current "favorite" is oats with Trader Joe's Cookie Butter or peanut butter. It's so good!

  2. Its crazy how much that turkey sandwich is making me crave bacon right now! I have got to try these new jamba juice veggies drinks, I have heard good things and have a giftcard burning a hole in my wallet. And seriously that last picture?!? Absolutely too cute for words!

  3. That picture is adorable!! And your campus honestly wins for best food. It always looks amazing!

  4. killer sandwich, that combo looks great.

  5. That kid picture of you is adorable! I love running without knowing my pace/music (wow, I never thought I'd say that :P!). It's so liberating :)!