Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Supplement Store {Review}

a little while back, My Supplement Store contacted me and asked if i'd like to review some products. i asked if i could review some protein powders and preworkout supplements. i always love trying out new protein powders, and although i don't regularly take a preworkout supplement, i do love trying them! the store also has a ton of other supplements at discounted prices, from vitamins to amino acids to even pet supplements.

here's a little review of the four products i was sent.

Allmax Nutrition Isoflex, in Mint Chocolate Supreme
this was my favorite product that i received. it blended really easily with water (there was no chalkiness at all) and tasted like a liquid peppermint patty. it's a whey protein, and also has 19 amino acids - a combination of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids. this is a top customer pick on their website and i can totally see why.
for 30 servings (2 lb container), this product costs 39.99 on my supplement store. MSRP is 64.99.

Allmax Nutrition Hexapro in Chocolate Milkshake
this protein supplement is unlike any i've had before. it has 6 different kinds of protein in it, whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, micellar casein, egg albumin, and hydrolyzed whey. all 6 proteins contribute to the 25g of protein per serving. i really liked this protein supplement, because it blended pretty well and was more like a shake than a drink. i even let my brother taste it and he was surprised at how good it was!
for 31 servings (3 lb container), this product costs 36.99 on my supplement store. MSRP is 59.99.

CTD Labs Noxipro in Pineapple Strawberry
i was really surprised that this preworkout supp actually tasted like pineapple strawberry. it tasted really good! i used about half of a serving before going to CrossFit and noticed that i had more energy (likely thanks to the caffeine). if you're sensitive to caffeine they recommend starting with a smaller serving and i didn't quite know how i was going to react to a new product, so i only used half a serving.
for 45 servings, this product costs 24.95 on my supplement store. MSRP is 44.99.

CTD Labs Noxipro Chrome in Fruit Punch
same as above, i was once again impressed by the taste of this preworkout. this product is a follow up to the original Noxipro and according to the website, is a more advanced formula. i didn't notice too big of a difference in energy between the two preworkout supplements, but i still felt a bit of an increase before my workout (and that was with only taking half a serving).
for 46 servings, this product costs 26.34 on my supplement store. MSRP is 49.99.

while i don't see myself taking a preworkout supplement regularly, i do see benefit in having one around to use on those days where you just don't feel like hitting the gym.

do you take a preworkout supp? 
favorite place to buy supplements? 

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