Saturday, August 24, 2013

Virtual Coffee Date 8.24.13

if we were having coffee this morning, we'd also be eating these freshly made chocolate chip scones (that also happen to be paleo). i'd probably talk about them for a good 5 minutes, i'm so in love with them. recipe coming soon!

if we were having coffee this morning, i'd tell you that i'm ready to head back to school. there's still a month of summer left, but the month ahead looks mostly the same as the months before. work, internship, and crossfit. i'm really going to miss crossfit a lot, and i'm grateful that i have another month to learn some more at the PT office and to make some more money at my other job, but i'm ready to leave. to be reunited with my best friends, to be living in one of my favorite places in the world, to head back to class (did i really just say that?).

if we were having coffee this morning, i'd tell you that i finally jumped back into a #shereadstruth study today. it's been far too long since i just sat there and soaked up His word. i'd tell you how i'm so incredibly grateful and thankful for His boundless grace that every time i screw up, He's right there waiting for me.

if we were having coffee this morning, i'd be freaking out a bit that my first crossfit competition is in a week. i'm really excited for it at the same time, but i'm also super nervous. it's team competition, and i'm on the novice team from my box, but i don't want to let anyone down since i'm still pretty new to crossfit. but i'm also super excited because i get to spend two days doing something i love, learning a lot, and being challenged. i'm also really happy that i got a chance to do a competition before i leave to head back to school, because i won't be doing any while i'm down there.

if we were having coffee this morning, you'd be calming down my frustration at the fact that i have to take a CPR/First Aid class for my sports med internship next year... and it costs $140. at ucla, it costs $10. but there aren't any classes down there before the deadline to be certified, so i'm stuck taking it up here, and everywhere around me, it's $140. yayyyy spending money. not. // rant over

if we were having coffee this morning, i'd tell you that i'm so excited to have a day off this weekend to hang out with my momma. i haven't gotten to spend much time with her lately because of our conflicting schedules (she's coming home from work after i've already left for work and she's in bed when i get home) so i'm really excited!


  1. Mmm, I would love to try those choco chip scones :)!

    The Crossfit comp sounds exciting, and what a way to see how much you've grown in it!

  2. 1) Those scones look delicious!
    2) Good luck at your crossfit comp!! You'll kill it!
    3) I've been doing #shereadstruth for the past couple months and it is so refreshing and beautiful to read His Word daily
    4) sorry to hear about the cost of that CPR class...
    5) have fun with your mom--I love spending time with my family members :)

  3. Sounds like you have really found your niche girl! It's been amazing to see the athlete you've become lately (not that you weren't before of course!)...but you've just been on fire lately with all your cross fitting, races, and competitions! So inspiring! I start school monday and actually wouldn't mind trading with you LOL!

  4. gah CPR and lifeguarding classes always cost so much...I have to get them all of the time for coaching!! enjoy time with your mom!