Sunday, July 7, 2013


hey guys! sorry i've been so MIA lately, even though it's summer somehow my life has been surprisingly crazy in a good way (work, CrossFit, fun with friends & family). and i also found out last week that i got an internship at a physical therapy office for 8 hours a week for the rest of the summer, which i am unbelievably excited for. this whole past year i've been stressing far more than i should about not knowing what i want to do in the future or even what major i want to pursue. i am so blessed & lucky to get this opportunity - i know it will help me figure out if physical therapy is something i potentially want to do (and if i hate it, well, at least i crossed it off the list, haha). hopefully i enjoy it, i really think i will!

anyway, i have so much to share with you guys now that i don't know where to begin! i'm hoping to get into more of a routine with blogging so that all my posts aren't like this one in that brain/photo dump  sort of style.

eats of late:

coconut flour pancakes with strawberries, egg whites, and bacon

this tastes like cake batter. i die. 

typical CrossFit. lol! 3 eggs and bacon. 

fourth of july dessert: homemade shortcake with berries 

homemade white cake with lemon curd, cream cheese frosting, and coconut & a scoop of ice cream

best. dinner. EVER. brussel sprouts, alexia sweet potato fries, and a turkey burger with cheese and bacon. 

my lunch today after biking all over the place (see below)! a huge burger, totally hit the spot.

notable CrossFit achievements of late:
  • i did a full rope climb! and completely tore my shoes. so i ordered some reebok nano 3.0s. say whaaat? i'm so excited for them to get here. 
  • i did 90 handstand push-ups in the WOD yesterday. although they weren't full HSPUs by any means, i'm definitely improving! 
  • i did a total of 250 pushups in a WOD last week. it was RJ, which was 5 rounds of run 800m, 5 rope climbs, and 50 pushups. there was a 45 minute time cap but i was on the last round in at the end so i ended up finishing out the workout in 51 minutes. 
other fun/random things:
  • i saw 4 movies in the past 3 days! man of steel (can i marry superman?), monsters university, world war z, and despicable me 2. i think man of steel was my favorite!
  • i fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 pm on the 4th of july. party animal over hereee! i think i was exhausted from working 5 days in a row, haha. 
  • i had the best day today with one of my best friends! we drove to sausalito, biked up to the golden gate, watched a sailboat race in the america's cup, mountain biked in marin headlands (and explored all these old military batteries which was really cool), got lunch at the bottom of the golden gate, walked around sausalito, and then drove over the golden gate and spent the rest of the day biking along the water around crissy field. i had SO much fun! reminded me of how much i love the bay and how much i love the outdoors. i couldn't have asked for a better day! 

how was your fourth of july weekend? 


  1. All your eats look amazing! And awesome job in CrossFit!! Rope climbs sound intense.
    I LOVE San Fran and it looks like you had a great time!

  2. Those biking pictures are amazing! I love it! And I want to see all of those movies. I am jealous!

  3. If Justin's vanilla AB tastes like cake batter, I very much need it :D
    Congrats on the PT internship. It sounds like your kind of thing, but ofcourse this experience will really help you with deciding that. Just have fun with it :)
    Your SF adventure sounds like it was awesome!

  4. Looks like you have been enjoying your summer with some might tasty food (I'm assuming because it all looks delicious) and lots of fun times! Congrats on the PT job, but DO NOT stress out about figuring out what you want to do later in life. You have SO much time, and I'm sure life will swing you in whatever direction you are supposed to be headed towards. As of 6 months ago I had no idea where I was going, but out of the blue it just all came together and I'm sure it will for you too!