Saturday, July 20, 2013

Weekly Workouts 7.20.13

last friday i injured my hip - i'm not sure how but i woke up on saturday morning and was hobbling around like an old person. i've always had hip issues (most of the time they never got in the way of anything) but i have a hunch that this was caused by overuse & nowhere near enough stretching and foam rolling. i think i just strained a muscle in my hip joint.

after taking 3 full days off, doing no workouts whatsoever, icing, applying icy hot, and doing light foam rolling, i felt good as new on monday. but i took it as a wakeup call that i NEED to stretch and foam roll every day (and ice if necessary). crossfit and running put a lot of strain on the body and i need to make sure that i take care of myself. my injury could've been a lot worse and i'm really grateful that it wasn't.

with that said, here's this week's workouts! i had almost no hip pain, foam rolled and stretched before/after my workouts, and have been feeling a lot better. i also think that having the proper shoes for CrossFit (finally!) helped a ton.

foam rolling = OW.

Sunday: off
Monday: CrossFit

spend 10 min working on kipping or butterfly pull-ups.
i haven't done kipping pull-ups yet so i worked on those. and DANG they're hard! i have a long ways to go, the technique just hasn't clicked yet.
back squat 6x5 at 75%
i hadn't found my 1 rep max for back squat yet so i did that instead, and got to 153 pounds.
against 15 min clock:
run 800m
50 pull-ups
60 burpees
70 KB swings (53/35)
max reps toes to bar

i got through 45 kettlebell swings before hitting 15 minutes. that one was tough, the pull-ups definitely got me from the start!

Tuesday: CrossFit

warm-up: 3 rounds of
5-10 ring dips
5-10 strict toes to bar
5-10 L sits

this warmup was freakin' hard. i used a thin blue band on the ring dips and even then my arms were ridiculously sore the next day! and i can barely do strict toes to bar and only lasted like 20 seconds on each L sit. so much room for improvement!
3x5 push jerk (on my last set i used 93#!)
3 power cleans
3 pistols
6 power cleans
6 pistols
9 power cleans
9 pistols
... continue pattern until 7 minutes is up and add up total reps.

i used a 73# bar for the power cleans (RX was 95) and used a pole to help balance on the pistols. i got through 75 total reps (i made it to 15 power cleans).

Wednesday: off

Thursday: 7.1 mile run
this is my longest run so far for my half marathon training and i was really happy with it! kept a solid 8:45 pace, my hip didn't bother me, and the next day i wasn't super sore.

Friday: 2.5 mile run
i just wanted to shake out my legs and see how they were feeling. i actually felt like i could've done more, which was great, but i kept it short because it was really hot outside and didn't want to push my hip too much.

post run smoothie with vanilla greek yogurt, spinach, frozen blueberries & raspberries, and almond milk

Saturday: CrossFit

4 rounds for time:
run 400m
24 back squats (RX 115)
24 jerks (RX 95)

i used 83# for the squats and 63# for the jerks, and finished in 36:13. i could've done a bit more, i think, but we didn't use the racks since there weren't enough for everyone in class. that meant that we had to clean the bar for both movements and i don't think i could've gotten more than 90 pounds cleaned and over my head for the back squats. overall this WOD was a rough one, but i got my butt to the box and finished and that's what counts.

all in all, a great week of workouts! i'm feeling much more confident about the half marathon and couldn't be happier with how much progress i've made in crossfit. i'm in the best shape of my life and can't wait to see more progress in the future!

best workout you had this week?


  1. Kudos to you for taking time off the instant you felt some pain! I think that is truly one of the hardest things to do when you love working out so much :) Whenever I start to have any aches and pains, I jump right into the pool to try to loosen up whatever is giving me problems and get a workout in!

  2. You are rocking those workouts, girl!! And I find it so admirable that you are still humble and always look forward to progressing.
    Awesome workouts for me this week included Peanut Butter Fingers' lower body burnout (so tough but I love it!) and purely twins' 100 burpee challenge! I didn't time it because I was just gonna try it out with my brother as a quick morning wake-up but I ended up completing it pretty fast! I'm gonna have to re-time my 100 regular burpees soon because I think I'm improving :)

  3. Great workouts. Its good that you are listening to your body. I always do a bit of yoga after my runs. Its a good way to stretch after, in my opinion. I'm also training for a half marathon and ran 7 miles on wednesday. I was really sore the next day.
    And you're rocking your crossfit workouts. =)

  4. I also love to workout and I do it once or twice a week. But my problem every time I do some squats and situps is that I usually feel pain in my hips and knees. That's why aside from eating proper foods, I also take supplements for joint health. Surprisingly, it helps me a lot.

  5. I want to get a foam roller so bad! Great job on your workouts!