Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Posters Wanted!

hii guys!!!

ahh i've been SO busy i feel like i haven't blogged in ages! life has pretty much been the same crazy stuff.. senior year is no joke! school, cross country, work and college research/apps have got me longing for some me time to just sit and relax. its probably not gonna happen til all my apps are in and the cross country season is over... so here's a few ways i've been getting through the hard stuff!

- i decided to start making little inspirational sheets that i can look at when i feel like everything is too much, here's part of september's!

 - lots and LOTS of froyo. it solves all of life's problems ;)

 [stonyfield after dark chocolate froyo with pretzel pieces & pb]

- MUSIC!! it helps me get through my homework, pumps me up before races, and picks me up when i'm having a bad day.

i recently have fallen in love with iHeartRadio because you can listen to live stations and custom stations aka the best of both worlds!

- reading blogs of other high schoolers going to college soon always makes me feel better because i know that there's lots of people out there going through the same stuff i am... this is you savannah kathleen carrie!! 

anyways, my eats have the been same old same old and i wanna get some new stuff on the bloggie! so please email me at if you have a recipe/workout that you want me to share (i may do some sort of roundup post if i get enough responses) or you want to write a guest post! i would LOVE to have some posts lined up for the next few weeks. so please shoot me an email!! 

favorite pump-you-up song?
best way to destress when you dont have time?? i want your guys' advice!!

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