Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Best Night of My Life.

I cannot even begin to tell you guys how AMAZING last night was.

I GOT TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT IN CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *insert shrieking screaming Julianna*

I was the happiest girl alive last night. Taylor Swift has been my favorite artist ever since I heard her music (the first song I remember hearing was "You Belong With Me"), and last night was the best show I have ever seen.

I went with my older brother because then I didn't have to worry about trying to drive myself home in the crowds, plus he's the best brother ever. He didn't mind my freaking out/hyperventilating/screaming like a twelve-year-old girl.

I left cross country practice early yesterday afternoon, speed-showered, put my Speak Now shirt on, and got in the car. We listened to Taylor the entire drive over to San Jose (more evidence as to how awesome of a brother Jay is) and my excitement was practically through the roof.

We got there a little over an hour early with a perfect amount of time to park, look around HP Pavilion, go potty, and get some souvenirs.

I got this amazing red T-shirt and a Speak Now wristband that I've been oogling for quite awhile on the Taylor Swift webstore but never could get myself to pay shipping on a wristband.

before the show

my excitement x 50 million bajillion

Dinner was half of this mini pizza:

And a boatload of Jay's fries:

The two openers for Taylor were seriously awesome. Josh Kelley and needtobreathe. I was really excited when I found out that needtobreathe was opening since I really like one of their songs, and Josh Kelley played some fantastic music.

At this point I was seriously freaking out. I have been looking forward to this show since the day that I got tickets, and I knew that it was going to be a night to remember. You know how people always talk about that one concert that they went to when they were young? This one was it for me.

The second that Taylor's band started playing and the curtains started opening I found myself shrieking my head off, jumping up and down, and being filled with awe at how blessed I was to be there.

She started with "Sparks Fly" and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect song to kick off the night.

If you want to see what the experience was like for me, check out the music video of Sparks Fly. This pretty much sums up the FANTASTIC show that I got to see - but it was 50 million better times in person.

I didn't get very many good photos because the lights were so crazy in there, but I can tell you that the show was incredible!! The dancers were spectacular, there were a bunch of set changes, and I was belting out the lyrics to every single song. Words cannot even describe how much this night meant to me.

She played almost every song on the album Speak Now, with about 4-5 from her older albums ("Fearless", "You Belong With Me", "Love Story", "Fifteen", and maybe a few others?). I loved every single word.

It was the best night of my life so far in all of my sixteen and a half years!!!!

I'm wearing the concert T-shirt this morning and I can't stop smiling. There is literally a grin plastered on my face from ear to ear - it hasn't disappeared since I got to the concert last night.

Who is your favorite musician? Best concert you've ever been to?

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  1. Ahhh in so jealous!!! You are so lucky! I love tswift! My dad has met her through work and I still haven't forgiven him for not getting her autograph for me. I'd love to see her in concert one day! I think the most memorable concert I've been to was a fall out boy concert in 8th grade. I used to be obsessed and it was so much fun!