Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Cross Country Race of the Season

Happy Saturday! I seriously can't believe that it's been almost a week since I've had a chance to blog. Insane, right?? I'm only getting busier but I really want to try hard to write a post 1-2x a week (speaking of which, if you want to write a guest post for me, shoot me an email!).

Anyway, last Tuesday was my team's first cross country race of the season. The course was a 2-mile course, with the first mile being what we call the "flat mile" and the second mile being the "hill mile of death". The course is the hardest that we run this year because the hills on the second mile are very, very steep. There's one lovely hill in particular that everyone calls the Eliminator.. let's just say that it lives up to its name.

me after the race... legs are dead!
I was really excited to race because I wanted to beat my time from last year, which was 15:14. However, it was much hotter this year than last and by the time my race started at 6pm it was still scorching. There is also no shade on the hill mile, which makes it even tougher. Once I started racing and really feeling the heat, my goal was just to finish strong and not slow down too much on the hills.

My mom took lots of videos on her iPhone so I thought I'd post some of them.

This one was at the end of the race, coming out of the hill mile. 

Most of the race was a blur but I do remember feeling exhausted about halfway through the hill mile. By this point I had lost a few of the girls from my school that were in front of me, and there weren't many people around me because the pack that we started with had stretched out quite a bit. It's really hard to run when you're by yourself and you've already passed all the cheering parents and teammates!

my 'why are you taking my picture?' face

awkwardly fixing my hair... LOL
 Me and my brother Jay with squinty eyes! So cute, I know.

I ended up finishing with a time of 15:21 which I was really proud of! I came in 17th out of the senior girls - only 2 people away from winning a medal!! So frustrating haha - and I am currently the 5th fastest girl on my team this year. Which means that I'm part of the top varsity 7 and get to wear these awesome Nike pink shorts for our next race!
School has also been tough this week because I have been having to stay up pretty late just to finish homework. I really wish I could take a nap or something when I get home but there just isn't time! And next week I start my new job - I'm trying to get ahead on next week's schoolwork so that the two days that I am working aren't ridiculously stressful.

A few nights ago my little Lexy decided to keep me company while I was studying. So cute! Iluhmybaby.

i think she was a little annoyed that I was studying and not petting her, heh.

onto fooooooodd... :) recent eats!

turkey, salame, cheese, lettuce, ranch on whole wheat tortilla

 pizza made with this crust:

It was actually pretty good for a quick and easy dinner!

 lots of frozen yogurt bowls..

eggs + laughing cow on english muffin

lots of protein smoothies..

hummus + turkey + cheese sandwich (photo taken at like 6 in the morning... aka i am not awake. my apologies!)

sunchips and applesauce. clearly i am still in elementary school.

oats with lotsa pb

saving the best puddle for last..

simple greens with mushrooms and newman's own

spinach and mozzarella ravioli

I only took one outfit picture this week, when I wore a new skirt. It's very similar to this skirt and is the same brand - both are super comfy!

Last night my friends and I also made some senior t-shirts (in addition to our class shirts) for the senior trip to a water park next week! I'm really excited about having a day of relaxing in the middle of the week. Thank heavens!

Tell me something good about your weekend (or something fun you did last week)! 
What is the hardest race you've ever run?

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