Monday, September 5, 2011

Butterfly Award

I hope you are all enjoying your Labor day weekends!!

Mine has been pretty fantastic - I saw Taylor Swift Friday night, I went to a giant trampoline place with friends on Saturday, and then on Sunday I got all my homework done! 

I wish I had some interesting eats to show you... but lately to be honest I've been eating the same things. My energy is focusing on school and running so creating new meals isn't really a priority. I do miss cooking lots though! I know I'm just going to be short on time for this fall semester until my college applications are in. 

Last night's dinner was pretty much the fanciest meal I've eaten in the past few weeks... and it was a bowl of pasta. But a delicious one, at that! 

In the mix: pasta, marinara sauce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, fresh bacon crumbles (tons of flavor!! I usually don't eat bacon but this was pretty good), and parmesan cheese. 

In other news, I GOT A JOB!! I know that I'm a really busy girl already but I saw this opportunity by chance and applied for it. I have to pay for insurance on my car and am quite short on the moola, and this will help a bit lots! Plus, I'm super excited to meet new people, and it will be helpful on college apps. I'm working at a local frozen yogurt place that's been around forever (I know, dangerous, right?) and next week is my training. Then I start! I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to balance everything but I know I can do it. 

And one more update before I get to the awaaarrdd (Grinch anyone? maybe? no? haha) - the first cross country meet of the season is tomorrow! I'm hoping to beat my time from last year, but it's a super hard course so we'll see. Update on that will be coming soon :)

Good thing that Kathleen awarded me the Butterfly award, otherwise you guys would be looking at the same old same old - peanut butter tortillas, protein shakes, english muffin pizzas, eggs, and salads. Pretty much sums up everything I'm eating right now, hah! 

Here we goooo! 

Name your favorite color:

GREEN! Funny story: I used to hate green so much when I was a kid that I'd leave it out of the rainbow. And lemme tell ya- I drew a crapton of rainbows and my mom has binders full of all my pictures! Nowadays it's my favorite color, and three walls of my room are green (one is blue). 

 What whizzes you off:

When people try to impress other people. I know that sounds really odd, but it bothers me because they end up acting in a way that's not themselves! I don't try to impress anyone - it's pretty much if you like me, you like me, and if you don't, you don't. I don't try to schmooze (<- this word makes me giggle) or show off to people because that's just not who I am. I don't care if I'm popular or not, whether every hair is in place all the time, or if I run out of the house without makeup on. Whenever you see me you get the true ME, not somebody else. 

Name your favorite dessert:

K so this is pretty much the hardest question ever. Instead of picking my favorite I'll show you guys what I made yesterday! It's a super simple ice cream pie that I threw together when I got the urge to bake but didn't have time. 

The crust is just smashed chocolate wafers, a little melted butter, and some chocolate syrup mixed together and pressed in a pan. Fill the rest of the pan with your favorite ice cream and bam! Dessert is served. I used chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.. heaven. 

Best feature:

I LOVE my legs. They are so strong, muscular, and carry me through everything! I also love my newly-defined arms and my smile. 

love the smile... the sunburn? notsomuch. (:
Your favorite pet:

I have four! There is no favorite. I love my kitties so much. In fact, just the other day when I was petsitting for a neighbor, I got to play with a super-cute kitten that they're fostering. I tried to get my momma to adopt him but no dice. I guess four kitties are quite a handful already! Plus Ginnie the primadonna would get her feathers all ruffled :) 

Your biggest fear: 

Losing someone that I love. I can't imagine life without my family or friends and losing them would just kill me.

Guilty pleasure:

That's a toughie! Non-food related I'd have to say celebrity gossip magazines and Facebook. Addicting! In terms of food, I don't have a guilty pleasure, per-say, since I strive to not feel guilt about any food I eat. But I really do love nuts and nut butter (<- who doesn't??) and my new favorite is this all natural peanut butter. It is jam-packed with peanut flavor and is 99%  peanuts! The bottom part is especially good since when you get down there it's all crumbly. 

When you’re upset you:

Talk to my mommy. Most teenagers I know don't have a good relationship with their parents but I am lucky enough to call my mom my best friend. We always have the best time together and she can always make me laugh.

What is perfection:

It doesn't exist!!! Nobody is perfect and that is what makes us special. I think the imperfections are the most beautiful. 

Since Kathleen tagged a million people (lovee it!) I figured instead of trying to find someone that's not tagged, if you haven't done this award already, I tag you! 

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