Friday, March 23, 2012

3rd Track Meet of the Season.

Yesterday was the first official league meet of my track season. Two words: freezing + LONG. It definitely was one of my least favorite meets!

This year our league decided that the schools should compete in tri meets instead of dual meets (three schools at a meet instead of two), and I am definitely not a fan. There are so many more athletes that the meets take wayyy longer than they ever have in my previous 3 years on the team.

Anyway- back to yesterday. I made sure to pack a ton of food and clothes in the morning because I knew I was going to be at the meet for awhile - I ran the 1600 and the 3200 (which are the 2nd and 2nd to last races, respectively) so I was there for almost the entire meet.

There were a TON of girls in my heat of the 1600 so the start was ugly, but once I got into my rhythm I was feeling pretty good and in 4th. There was a girl from another school in front of me, and then 2 more runners from my school ahead of her. I really wanted to at least beat the girl from the other school, so I made sure to stick really close to her.

At the beginning of the third lap I passed the girl in front of me because I could sense that she was slowing down. Then, on the last stretch before the fourth lap, she decided that she wanted to pass me from the inside. [For those of you that don't know, you're not allowed to pass from the inside - you only can pass around the outside.]

It seriously made me angry that she was trying to do that so I stuck my arm out a little (I think my soccer instincts came out there!) and let a few choice words fly - that's how mad I was. She didn't end up passing me and in my anger I started running the 4th lap really fast.

With only 200 meters to go, all the sudden I realized that I felt like I was peeing my pants. [sorry for the TMI, skip to the next paragraph if you don't care to read about my potty problems ;)]It was the weirdest thing ever, because I didn't feel like I had to go, but somehow I was peeing. It was like I didn't have any control over my bladder! I was annoyed because I spent the last 100 meters just trying not to fully pee my pants and wasn't able to give it 100%.

I came in 3rd with a time of 5:59 - a few seconds faster than my last race - and I know I could've easily had a 5:55 if I hadn't had to pee. At least my time is moving the right direction!

After my race I had quite a few hours to kill so I piled on my sweats and ate up lots of the snacks that I packed. The peanut toffee buzz flavor is definitely my favorite clif bar!

As the hours went on, I started to get REALLY cold. I was wearing every layer I'd brought and it still wasn't enough! Thankfully my dad left me his fleece (he came and watched the 1st race and my mom watched the 2nd) and my mom brought me another sweatshirt.

Not a happy camper!!
By the time I started warming up for my race (which was around 8pm!!!!) I was wearing 5 layers: my uniform, my long sleeve shirt, my sweatshirt, my dad's fleece, and my mom's sweatshirt. Talk about cold!

As soon as we started doing strides after putting our spikes on, my right foot towards my toes was killing me. I'm not quite sure why but my spikes were bothering me so much that I just took them off and raced in my trainers. The race was pretty boring (a cold, numb, 8 laps) but I think my time was pretty good although I'm not quite sure what it was.

Finally I got to leave around 8:30 and I convinced my mom to stop at Panera for some black bean soup on the way home. We just made it before they closed and all I can say is MAN that soup tasted damn delicious. It was warm and tasty and I scarfed it down on the rest of the car ride home.

[I've been craving the soup so much lately that I already'd had some earlier in the week! I figured that photo was a lot nicer than what it actually looked like last night, heh.]

is that or is that not the cutest card?? thanks, jessica!
It was a reaaallly long day so coming home to find my foodie pen pals package on my doorstep MADE MY DAY. I am SO excited to share with you guys what I got in the big reveal next week!!

have you ever peed in a race before? 
favorite thing to eat when you're cold?


  1. I peed my pants my very first XC race this past fall...hahaha so awkward and embarrassing. I felt much better after though? Congrats on the PR too!!

  2. peeing your pants in a race=awesome dedication! haha. this one kid on cross country last year....uhhh....went the opposite of pee, if you know what i mean, during a race. so it could be worse! haha

  3. I can't wait for foodie pen pals either! Sounds like you are quite dedicated to me! :)

  4. Great race girl and congrats on the PR! Race peeing happens to the best of us, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do hahahaha. and I'm so glad to hear you finally got the black bean soup!! I'm cravinnnng panera right now ahhhh!