Friday, March 30, 2012

My First Foodie Penpals: March

It's finally time for the Foodie Penpals reveal! This month was my first month participating and it was so much fun - I definitely am glad that I decided to participate! Lindsay ran everything so smoothly and I loved putting together a package to send out to the penpal I was assigned (both the package I sent and received were from non-bloggers, which is why I'm not linking to a post about what goodies I sent out!). 

If you've never heard of or participated in Foodie Penpals, click here to view how it works and the conditions for participation. 

Onto my package! Jessica sent me an AMAZING box full of goodies that I loved! I could tell that she took the time to put together a box that she knew I would enjoy because boy oh boy she hit it spot on. 

One of the things that we're supposed to include in the box is something handwritten - I loved the cute card Jessica sent me! I also liked how she wrote what she included and why she included it - it made it clear that she put a lot of effort into the box. 

First up: freeze dried fruit! I absolutely LOVE freeze dried fruit, but I'd never had any of the combos that she sent me (peaches, pineapples, and strawberry banana) and all of them were phenomenal. I think the freeze dried peaches were my favorite.

 black bean soup! you guys know I love me some black bean soup and this was delicious! 

justin's nut butter!! i love any and all nut butters and i'd never had the honey almond version before (it was fantastic!)

Suzie's spelt and flaxseed puffed crackers. Ironically I'd almost bought a package in the store a few days prior to receiving the package, so I was quite excited to see these in the box! I loved putting nut butter on them- the texture reminded me of a crunchier rice cake. 

sunflower basil crackers. these were SOOO good!!! I demolished the box all on my own - my favorite way to eat them was dipped in almond butter, but they were delicious plain as well. 

cinnamon toast pretzel crisps. ohmygoodness these are my new favorite snack! i've never seen this version in stores nearby but i am definitely on the hunt to find some more. these were gone in under 24 hours of opening my package - that definitely says something! 

chocolate and peanut butter granola thins. you can't go wrong with the combo of dark chocolate and pb!

pria bars - these were new to me and i loved them! they're the perfect size for a small snack (whereas most other bars are better sized for a small meal) and both flavors were yummy.

fruit strips! i seriously have no idea how jessica managed to nail every. single. item in this box. i LOVE fruit leather and haven't had some in a longgg time. these babies were gone in two seconds flat! 

Jessica also sent me some goodies from a recent trip of hers to Boston! this was so thoughtful, & i'd never tried any of these foods before. first up was stonewall kitchen blueberry jam - man this stuff is good! it was especially good stirred into plain greek yogurt or smeared on toast. 

cranberry bog frogs! [cranberries & cashews in caramel and milk chocolate] SOOO delicious. 

boston english breakfast tea! i actually haven't tried this yet but i'm sure i will love it. 

I LOVED everything in my box - everything was perfect for me! Jessica really put a lot of thought into it (healthy portable snacks, new-to-me treats, and just all around deliciousness!) so THANK YOU, Jessica!! 

If you haven't done Foodie Penpals I definitely think you should give it a go. Both bloggers and non-bloggers can participate and it's open to U.S. and Canadian residents (people in the US are paired with other US residents, and same with Canada). It's a lot of fun to make and receive the boxes, the program is very well organized, and it's just all around fun! 

did you participate in foodie pen pals this month? if you did, what was the best item you received?


  1. WOW, you got a bunch of awesome stuff! This whole foodie pen pal thing looks like so much fun!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the goodies!

  2. You are WELCOME!!! I am sooo glad you enjoyed the box!! I had fun putting it together too!

  3. WOW what a box you got. Where do I begin?! I had no idea Pretzel Crisps had a cinnamon flavor. Um, yum! I'm a black bean fanatic too so that soup sounds perfect. The Wild Maine Blueberry Jam is something I've been eyeing in the store for awhile - hope you enjoy, maybe that'll convince me to buy it! I love the Justin's NB, I got 4 packets in my February box and was SO depressed when I used the last one.

  4. wow, looks like you got tons of fun stuff! I'm definitly going to have to look into this, it looks like fun!

  5. Oh my you got quite the box!! How awesome!!! I need to find those cinnamon pretzel crisps!! YUM! My favorite thing in my box were the vegan chocolate chip cookies!

  6. Wow there's so much in there! Good shopping, Jessica. Funnily enough, even though I live in the UK, I've tried that jam; I made jam tarts with it, they were delicious. You have a treat in store!

  7. Oh my gosh! You seriously made out like a bandit. I'm beyond jealous of your box!
    Those Sunflower crackers and puffed crackers are two of my favorite things! And I keep seeing the cinnamon pretzel crisps around me but have yet to pick up a bag. I need to do that ASAP!

  8. Cinnamon Toast Pretzels?! Oh my goodness I need to find them! I'd like to try those sunflower crackers too. They sound delicious. You got such an awesome package!!

  9. Holy crap everything looks SO amazing! Don't you love foodie pen pals?!

  10. Wow - you got quite the variety of goodies! Some of my students told me to try the Nature Valley granola thins - they are amazing!