Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WIAW: Important Updates!

happy WIAW! before we get to some of my latest eats, I wanted to give you guys a few updates :)

the most important update of all: i was accepted to my #1 college, UCLA!!! i got in last Friday and i am SO EXCITED. thank you all for your congratulations - especially my twitter friends! i definitely worked my butt off for that acceptance and sacrificed a lot for a shot at getting in.. and it was worth it! i am SO pumped for college!!!

trust me, i was 50000000x more excited than i look in this pic! tiredness will do that to a girl :) 
update #2: i saw the Hunger Games last weekend and since i'm sure you're sick of reading about it, let's just say it was awesome. totally lived up to the book!

update #3: i got to go to a NASCAR race last weekend (i've been watching races since i was a little girl, even though i still don't know a lot about racing!) and it was so much fun!

jeff gordon's CAR! AHHH!

it was definitely a super fun whirlwind trip and quite the experience!!

finally onto the eats! while we were traveling i did the best i could but i still wasn't able to eat my normal, healthier food. the problem with that is once i start eating less nutritious food, it's hard to stop eating the junk! the past few days have not been too great nutrition-wise and i know i just need to get back into my normal routine.

all the recent eats [mostly from before & after the trip!]:

savory oatmeal (recipe coming soon!) with eggs, cheese, and ketchup 

packed lunch: veggie salad, pink lady apple, turkey & laughing cow wrap, pria bar

puffed millet + crunchy maple sunrise

tortilla with barney butter x 100

starbucks unsweetened passionfruit tea

new-to-me luna protein bar- the verdict? delicious! the texture and taste were spot on.

coffee. lots and lots of coffee. 

a tortilla with pb + a dr. praeger's veggie burger scrambled with eggs and drizzled with ketchup 

pretzel sticks + barney butter

honey crisp apple with pb2 

another dr. praegers burger on a tortilla with laughing cow (we were out of bread!)

almond butter + apple butter sammie

after a recent workout (1.5 mile warmup, 2 miles fast, 1.5 mile cool down) in the pouring rain! 

crazy hair! :)

aand lastly a recent outfit! (lovin' my heeled boots!)

whew that was a marathon post :)) i hope you all have an amazing rest of the week!!
how do you get back to healthy eating after a few days of junk?
favorite thing about college? (if you haven't been, what are you most looking forward to?)


  1. I swear every good weekend needs some Starbucks. :) I love the passion tea!

  2. I'm so so so so SO happy for you girl! :) And as always you've clearly had amazing eats this week...super jealous!

  3. those eats have me drooling over here!!!

    and congrats on getting into UCLA! I got accepted when I was applying to colleges as well, and would have gone there if it wasn't for some other issues.

    I bet you are gonna have so much fun dorm room shopping :D!

  4. Ahhh I'm so excited for you!!! That's awesome that you go into UCLA - major congrats!! :D

    All your eats looks deeelicious! Especially the savory oats. I can't wait for the recipe!

  5. All your food looks super yummy!
    It is super hard to eat as healthy when travelling. I just try and pick the healthiest choices I can find.

    I did WIAW too! Check it out on my blog at Hungry Delights
    xo Emilie

  6. AHHHH CONGRATS on getting into your choice college! You're gonna do so well, I can't wait to see what adventures await you!! :)
    All of your eats are super awesome too, I need these snack combos in my life stat!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Congratulations my dear!! That's is so exciting! :) I love those luna bars! And which race were you at? My dad just went to bristol! He loves nascar!

  8. congrats on getting into your #1 choice!

  9. Why have I never tried pretzels dipped in PB? Need to change this stat! And my fave thing about college would probably be always having someone to hang out with!

  10. I love the food that you eat! They all look delicious. :)
    Congrats on getting into UCLA. :) They have such a beautiful campus.
    for college, I just look forward to more freedom. xD

  11. Again, Congrats! You definitely deserved to get in. Delicious looking eats- looks pretty balanced to me :)

  12. Omg girl, CONGRATS!!!!!! UCLA is like my dreamm school if I could go out of state :D

  13. CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING ACCCEPTED, Julianna! I'm so happy for you - it sounds like you've been living it up! :)

  14. Your eats look really healthy to me - and super delicious!

    Congrats on UCLA, are you going there for sure? College is SOOOOOOOOOO awesome, I can't even pick a favorite thing. :)

  15. I love eating a gigantic salad after a few days of eating always remind me how much I like to eat well.

    My favorite thing about college has to be meeting a TON of new people! Living with everyone your own age just means a ton of impromptu get-togethers, and sometimes the most memorable and hilarious moments happen in the dorms.

  16. CONGRATS! getting into your top choice is SO exciting. ahh I love so many things about college, but I guess just the independence is best! I love that Luna bar too :)