Tuesday, March 13, 2012

WIAW: Anxious.

Now that I'm back from L.A., it's back to normal life! Such a bummer :)

These past few weeks I've been really anxious because most colleges I applied to come out with their decisions mid-March. I haven't been sleeping very well because I'm so nervous/panicked/excited. It's been quite the fun emotional ride over here in my house! Anyway, I really am trying not to psych myself out too much because everything is out of my hands. And I know that in the end I am going to end up somewhere I love!

The past few days especially I've been trying to focus on eating well and exercising for my mental health, hah. It's true, though! I always feel much better when I'm treating my body well no matter how much other stress I'm under.

today's outfit:
black stretchy skinnies (Joe's Jeans on sale at Loehmanns, love that store!)
belt (H&M)
grey tank (Macy's, forever ago!)
army jacket (American Eagle)
scarf (Target)
obviously i need to clean my mirror. 
Onto the eats:
WIAW partayy! thanks jenn! :)
Breakfast: 2 eggs smeared with garlic & herb laughing cow cheese + a mini tortilla with Barney butter. There's something about eggs with the yolks that is so much more satisfying than just egg whites.

Lunch: a big salad with romaine, mushrooms, turkey, and a semi-homemade dressing (I whisked 3 tbsp of TJ's white bean and basil hummus with ~2-3 tbsp almond milk until smooth).

I also had a honeycrisp apple (LOVE!), a chocolate peanut butter Odwalla bar, and some unpictured baby carrots.

Post 6-mile run (at track practice) was a mini tortilla with barney butter (unpictured) and a giant brown smoothie.

in the blender:
  • 1 1/2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 2 1/2 cups fresh spinach
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • 1 cup vanilla almond milk
  • 2 Tbsp lime juice

I love it when my smoothies are tart (I hate smoothies that are too sweet or banana-y) so I usually add lemon or lime juice if I'm using both flavored protein powder and fruit. 

Dinner was definitely a good one! I usually just steam my veggies because it's quicker and usually I'm under a time crunch, but this time I decided to try roasting my veggies. SUCH a good choice! I simply chopped a head of cauliflower, sprayed a pan with olive oil spray, seasoned with salt & peppa, added a little more olive oil for good measure, and roasted at 400 for ~25ish minutes. 

The result: crispy, flavorful deliciousness. I am definitely making this again verryy soon! I also chopped up a few Applegate farms roasted red pepper chicken sausages and roasted them in the oven for the last 10 minutes that the cauliflower was cooking. 

Dessert was a new-to-me cereal that is now officially my favorite - Nature's Path Crunchy Maple Sunrise. This cereal has lots of different grains and a wonderful maple flavor! It's a tiny bit too sweet so I mixed it with some puffed corn and it was perfect. And I discovered after I ate some that this cereal is gluten-free, so to all my g-free peeps: go get this cereal now. I promise it's amazing!

Today was definitely packed with lots of veggies and fruit. Three cheers for eating well when stressed out! 

Here's to hoping for a good night's sleep tonight!

what are your best ways to relax/calm yourself when you're stressed out or anxious? i need all your wonderful tips to help me get through the next few weeks! 


  1. Ahh your wiaw are always the best! adding lime or lemon juice to a smoothie is a good idea, i've never though of that before. also...cereal for dessert? the bomb.

  2. I LOVE that cereal!! I usually use it to top oatmeal or mix it with something else because it's so sweet, but it's SO GOOD!

    I had a brown smoothie the other day! Guess that's what happens when you mix berries with greens. But you can't judge a smoothie by it's color, because it was one of the best I've ever had!

    I remember how stressful waiting to hear back from colleges was. But you are so right that it's completely out of your hands. You already did the hard work, so take some time to enjoy yourself! One thing that really helped me was to spend time just hanging out with friends who were in the same boat. We were all just as nervous/anxious/excited so being together took the edge off.

    It's also such an exciting time! Best of luck! :)

  3. Love the brown smoothie! My smoothies never look cute, but the uglier they are the more energizing they feel :)
    Good luck with college acceptance letters! That was a stressful time for sure, but before you know it, you'll find yourself actually in college and it will all be behind you! :)

  4. Great food and meal ideas as always! Thank you!

  5. GOOD LUCK!! You're so right, you'll be happy wherever you end up :)
    Great eats!! Ive been loving roasted veggies lately, my mom and I just made a huge bowl the other night...yummmmm! Hope you're having a great week!

  6. Great eats!! Even though that smoothie is a funky color, it sounds delicious! and that dangggggg :D
    Have a great one gorgeous gal!

  7. I agree, I always feel much better about myself when I am eating healthy and foods that are good for me! I mean I know that is related to the eating disorder, but still, I feel more energized with nutritious stuff in me
    I really love that cereal too! Great choice

  8. Those red pepper chicken sausages look gooood. That must be so exciting, waiting to hear from colleges. Good luck! By the way, I love your idea of mixing hummus with milk to make a dressing. I've got to try that. Happy WIAW! :)

  9. Nice eats! I loooove roasted cauliflower. The sweetness really comes out.

    Good luck with college admissions; I remember how stressful that can be. I'll share with you my observations from family members and friends, that everyone ends up where they belong--whether or not they know it at the time. It all works out for a reason.

    That said, just distract yourself! Blog, read, exercise, bake, pick up a new TV show :) Reading before bed helps take my mind off my own life. And good luck !!!

  10. sorry you've been so anxious :( but at least you have been having some awesome eats!

  11. All of your eats looks delicious! The dressing idea with almond milk is a really good idea! I mix hummus + balsamic a lot so I'll have to give the almond milk a try :)

    When I'm stressed out or anxious I honestly just try to not think about it and keep myself busy in other ways!

  12. Roasted veggie pride!

    Have you thought of trying out some yoga? It always helps to ease my mind

  13. oh my, I've been feeling anxious cause of finals/summer programs I've applied to who are making decisions!

    Looks like you have been keeping it calm as you can with the fabulous eats :)

  14. Aw, I hope your anxiety calms down love! All of your eats look delicious.
    Just try to take deep breaths and focus on something else. Reading is a really good de-stresser for me...just don't read anything too thought provoking

  15. Hey Julianna. I've been following your blog for a while, and I love it. :) I'm also a 17 yr old living in California.
    All the foods you eat look so delicious! I also feel better about myself when I eat healthy. It makes me feel like I'm in control.
    I, too, am nervous waiting for college admissions decisions. I applied to a few UCs and CSUs. Let's both cross our fingers and hope for the best. :) Maybe yoga can help calm down the anxiety.

  16. I remember the college decision time being super stressful too... one of the things that helped was realizing there wasn't only "one" right answer, you can have a good experience wherever you end up. A little exercise always helps calm me down, sounds like that's already part of your routine. Hang in there!

  17. I totally agree about the egg w/ yolk thing. I can't have an omelet thats only egg whites and enjoy it as much. As for trying to relax, I love to go on bike rides.

  18. Honey crisps are the BEST! Soooo yummy! :) They aren't in my grocery stores right now so I am super jealous! To calm myself down, I typically watch a movie or read a book. I usually enjoy doing things alone, it allows me to clear my head but I also do things to keep busy!

  19. I'm sorry you're so stressed lately... Yoga usually helps me to deal with stress pretty well. :) After a yoga sequence,I always feel better and more calm than before. It sort of clears my mind,I guess,which is so great!
    That cereal sounds so good,by the way. I wish I could get it here in Germany...

  20. hey, just found your blog. The smoothie looks ....well kinda gross, but they are usually the best ones!

    good luck with college :) i know it's a stressful time, but just breathe, it's out of your control now, and i'm sure that everything will be okay.

  21. I know exactly what you mean!!! I'm awaiting decisions anxiously too! I don't know if I can help though - I need tips myself! :)
    All your eats look yuuuummy! I have a love affair with honeycrisps too. I ALWAYS buy them when I'm at the store. I just can't get enough. :)

  22. I can't sleep either. Darn college decisions! It's nice to know that we're in it together; I can't wait to hear which colleges you get into. I'm already so excited for you!