Saturday, August 25, 2012

it's the little things.

when your friend bakes you coconut chocolate chip oatmeal cookies even though she doesn't like coconut <3

when you get awesome packages in the mail. thanks, chobani!! {p.s. that vanilla chocolate chunk flavor? AH-mazing! i am in LOVE with it!}

getting to petsit for 7 of the most adorable kittens ever. my dad keeps reminding me that we have 4 cats and don't need any more pets but THEY'RE SOOOOO CUTE! and i think they're up for adoption soon.. we'll see if i can work any magic by then ;) 

having to work in a new location and then realizing that it's worth having to drive 20 extra minutes to get there because on your lunch break you can get a huge salad at whole foods next door {this one cost $10. whoops.}

my newly created celebrity husband board on Pinterest. yep, i went there. makes me so happy. 

my Friday treat: triple shot 2 pump vanilla nonfat latte. sometimes you just gotta get the real deal. 

i'm so glad it's the weekend! i have a long shift at work tonight (day 6.. woop woop! my next paycheck's gonna be ballin'. haha.) but then i have a full two days off. i think i'm going to go outlet shopping and see a movie! 

what made your week this week? 
any fun plans this weekend?


  1. This week, I think one of the biggest highlights was buying The Hunger Games...I can't wait to watch it this weekend!

  2. Getting a lot of stuff done, getting some new clothes, cooking lots of new things all made my week! This weekend doesn't have anything particularly exciting but I'm getting ready for dance to start this coming week!!

  3. Also--lovin' all your lovely little things :) It really is all about that!!

  4. Going to Lululemon for new running clothes and back to school shopping with my kids. Enjoyed both tremendously! Love getting stuff in the mail! The Chobani flavors look yummy!

    1. ah i'm so glad you mentioned Lululemon!! i've been wanting to visit a store (for the first time) for quite awhile now and i need to do that before i leave for school! since i've been working a lot all summer i want to treat myself ;-) fingers crossed i don't buy the whole store.

  5. LOVE your massive WF salad. haha. I'm definitely sitting here, chowing down on one of their salads as I type this. I just can't resist. And those kittens are adorable!! How fun. (:

  6. I swear it is humanly IMPOSSIBLE to go to a Whole Foods Salad bar without spending at least $10. I have to limit myself and I avoid putting any lettuce/greens in my salads there, I just use what I have at home :)

    ! had my last day of work this week and it was SO sad seeing my little swim kids go, but some of them drew me pictures and I think it made my year! They are appropriately hanging on my fridge right now.

  7. Awww, that's so nice of your friend to make coconut cookies for you. They look delicious! And I didn't know Chobani had a CHOCOLATE flavor. I want some!!

  8. hahaha love the pinterest board! I also love the look of that whole foods salad, I wish I had one close to me! I only get to go about every six weeks. Which is probably the best for my wallet.