Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My College Fears {First Vlog!}

Hey guys!

I did my first vlog today! I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would (but then again, I love to talk.. so I guess I shouldn't have expected anything else!)!

I talked about the Freshman 15, getting into a routine of working out, being homesick, and a few other things! These of course aren't all of my fears (trust me, there's plenty more!) but they are the ones that are most relatable to what I like to write about here :)

I hope you enjoy!

what were your biggest fears going into college?


  1. Hi it's Cinderella!:) Great first vlog, I love reading your posts and this is fun too!:):) Luv u! (I hope you know who this is...that'd be a bit awkward if you forgot our nicknames haha)

  2. I definitely think that you have enough dedication and motivation to continue to workout and eat, judging by your dedication over the summer! Also, you may not have enough fridge and cupboard space for TOO much whole foods goodies :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVED the vlog!!! You're voice is so different from what I expected, but it suits you so well!! I can relate to pretty much all the fears that you talked about! Especially the budgeting thing and fitting in my workouts! Its definitely going to be nerve wracking at first but I am hoping I'll be able to adapt!

  4. Great vlog, Julianna! I'm also going into college, but I'm going to be living at home. The university I attend is not that far away.
    Anyway, it's great that you still want to keep up with your nutrition and workouts even during the stressful college years! I'm also scared about the dreaded freshman 15.
    Meal planning seems to be a good way to know what foods to buy and how much. It'll help a lot.
    I really need help with time management! lol. Study, workout, hang out with friends, classes. It takes time to adapt.

  5. I hear ya on oatmeal and salads! I'm sure we'll do fine as far as the freshman fifteen because you gotta think of how you'll be exercising too. Oh no, and whole foods, theres a bus that goes to it from my campus(: it's free. uh oh.

  6. Ahhh how exciting, good luck Julianna. I'm from England and I just graduated from university a few weeks ago. This vlog made me miss my time there so much! I'm sure you'll have a fab time.

    There are only a few Whole Foods in UK and all (apart from one in Scotland) are in London so I didn't even know about them until my first year of university. Fortunately/unfortunately for me there was one RIGHT next to my boyfriend's uni and when I went to visit him I'd always drag him inside. I usually limited myself to buying one bag of cashew nuts (I was obsessed with the 'pour your own nuts' section, haha) but it was so hard not to blow my entire student loan on their amazing food. Maybe put yourself aside $10-15 a week that you can use to buy yourself a few treats from there and mix it up every time. That way you don't have to feel like you're missing out but you hopefully won't spend too much!

  7. My biggest fear going into college was homesickness, but I was very fortunate to get a great roommate and we made it through together. I loved college, and I know you will too!

    Nice job on your first Vlog. I am terrified to do one so way to go!! Looking forward to your follow-ups too. :)