Sunday, August 26, 2012

shopping day.

what's a girl to do with a day off of work {finally!}? shop, of course! Winking smile

i've been eyeing a few items on the lululemon website for WEEKS now, but only just the other day did i find out from a friend that there's a store 20 minutes away from me! i can't believe i didn't figure this out earlier - especially since they have a run club each week and fun yoga events. hopefully i will make it to one or two of those before i leave for school in a month!

anyway, before we left the house i went for a 4-mile run and then refueled with lunch: 95% lean frozen turkey burger (only ingredients were white turkey, sea salt, and black pepper. win!) with half of an avocado and some ketchup on toasted whole wheat bread.

and i actually put on a normal outfit today! usually i wear running shorts and tshirts to work since things are prone to get froyo all over them, and since i've been basically living at work i haven't put on normal clothes in quite awhile. it definitely felt nice :) 

and then it was time to shop!

i tried on about 50,000 things in lululemon and basically wanted to buy the whole store. luckily i talked myself out of any sort of pants or long sleeved anything because i'm going to be living in LA so those would basically be a waste of money. i mainly was looking for a really good running tank, but all of the ones i tried on i wasn't in love with (or not enough to fork out $58 for it!). but i did find an awesome pair of running shorts that are super comfy and light, the perfect length, really flattering, and have a zipper pocket and 2 fuel pockets. (they're the turbo run short, in case you were wondering!) i also had to get a pink headband, of course! 

i gotta say i'm so proud of myself for only spending $77 on my first trip to lulu! 

i also stopped in sephora while my mom was doing some other shopping - i wanted to get an eyeshadow primer so that i could wear a little eyeshadow without it clumping up in the creases of my eyelids. 

i ended up getting the urban decay eye shadow primer and also got one of their eye shadow pencils (the color was called rehab). i love the eye shadow! i tried it on when i got home and it's the perfect shimmery light brown that i was looking for. and so far there's no creasing - fingers crossed the primer lasts for awhile. 

i also grabbed some blotting papers for when i'm out and my face gets oily (which happens a little too often) and a sharpener for the eye shadow since i didn't have one. i still feel like such a newbie to makeup because i don't wear it that often - and walking in sephora can be so overwhelming! luckily when i got my makeup done for senior ball i figured out that i really liked the urban decay brand which helped me narrow things down a little bit. 

my mom still wanted to shop a little bit but at this point i was in need of an afternoon pick me up. enter: cappucino froyo with chocolate sprinkles. this was SO good. 

and then we went to our last stop - target! i got a workout tank there a few weeks ago and really liked it, so when i didn't love any of the ones in lululemon i figured going back to target and grabbing a second tank in a different color would be a good idea. i actually brought in my new lululemon shorts to try on with some tanks to make sure i liked the two together, and ended up getting a light blue one. 

i also finally got a blender bottle!! i can't wait to try making iced protein coffee with this baby. 

all in all i spent around $150 today - all on things that i absolutely love! it was nice to splurge since i've been working SO MUCH lately and haven't been shopping in quite awhile. i also find it funny that all i bought was workout clothes and makeup, and no normal clothes. story of my life Winking smile

i'm off to make dinner - some cheesy pasta is sounding mighty good right now!

where do you normally buy workout clothes?
favorite piece of workout gear?


  1. Good for you, girl! Retail therapy, right? ;) I normally buy workout clothes at Marshalls or TJMaxx but occasionally Lululemon. I'm excited to wear some of my semi-new sport shorts for dance this week!

  2. I'm addicted to Lulu too! I really do love how soft their clothes are and they are SUCH high quality workout gear that I never want to change out of them! But I am totally like you, I go in there to try things on at least 3 times before buying anything. Nike is my runner-up, I love their tempo shorts and Lunarglides :)

  3. It feels good to work hard and then be able to treat yourself. Glad you had fun :)

  4. Shopping splurge days are definitly needed now and then. I don't really work out (I wish I did though, I really need to start!) So I haven't invested much money into workout clothes, but I did find a pair of multi colored neon shorts (that I would wear, if i exercised) at Khols that I love. I think I bought them to motivate me to start. I guess it didn't work. : /

  5. I spent almost $200 on my first lululemon purchase. Oops.

  6. I have yet to step inside of a lululemon - I know it would be kind of dangerous!! I buy a lot of workout gear at Modell's since it's usually discounted there. TJ Maxx has some good stuff too! I definitely have to visit lululemon at least once though... I've heard too many good reviews!

  7. YAY! All of your purchases are so exciting.
    Lululemon is dangerous. But, they're clothes are definitely worth the price!
    And isn't UD makeup amazing? I swear by their eyeshadow primer (that tube will last a long time!) and their eyeshadows are even better. If you want to splurge on something that you'll use every single day, buy the Urban Decay Naked Palette. It's unbelievable! I got it for Christmas and have literally used it every day since- and it barely even looks like I've touched it! Well worth the $50. (: