Friday, August 17, 2012

Please Tell Me I'm Not the Only One...

... who lipsyncs to every song that plays while ellipticalling (<-- yeah, probably not a word.)

{yep. still on repeat. #notsorry}

... who does this:

... who wishes that they were at the Healthy Living Summit right now.

... who bakes coconut protein cookies at 10:30 at night.

... and then proceeds to eat 4 of them smeared with almond butter for breakfast the next morning.

... who rewears workout clothes without washing them. {i know. i'm gross.}

...who lets her cats sleep on the table because they look too cute while sleeping to be disturbed.

... who gets more excited about a yummy breakfast than going clothes shopping.

english muffin with avocado, bacon, and eggs. hello delicious.
fill in the blank: tell me i'm not the only one who _______


  1. Please tell me I'm not the only one who is dying to find Justin's new vanilla almond butter. I just can't get it out of my head. I'm thinking about asking someone to send me some because it just sounds so good!

    1. oh my gosh i am dying to try that too!!!

    2. The vanilla almond butter is to. die. for. Oh my gosh.
      Julianna, I know you'll be able to get it once you're at school! I live in LA and every WF I've been sells the jars AND squeeze packs of it.

  2. I lip sync while running... not to Taylor Swift, but to most songs. Heck, I'll even sing the chorus out loud.

    And no, no. Never re-wear workout clothes. Only exception: there is not one other clean pair of clothes in your closet. Most anything else is a better option.

    Tell me I'm not the only one who corrects my running posture when I see someone cute approaching.

  3. I really wanted to hit the HLS this year, too, but opted out because I'm still BF my little one. Next year, for sure. Have you gone before? If not, because I haven't, we can be newbies together. :-) Oh AND: Tell me I'm not the only one who dances at the gym while lip syncing?!

    1. i've never been to HLS before! newbie buddies for next year right here (:

      and i totally dance at the gym while lip syncing. don't care if people think i'm crazy cause i'm having a good time!!

  4. COOKIES <3
    I had chocolate chips as part of my breakfast. No shame.

  5. Those cookies look amazing!

    Totally got that song when it came out!

  6. I want to be at healthy summit too! Teach me your protein cookie ways I have never made any sort of protein cookie.

  7. You are DEFINITELY not the only one! I sooo wish I was at HLS right now and I always lip-sync (and dance!) when I'm on the elliptical. No shame. Oh, and I re-wear my workout clothes on a regular basis <--- It's actually really nice to know I'm not the only gross person who does that! haha. It'll be even worse when you're at college because doing laundry in dorms is such a hassle!

    Those cookies look amazing, by the way! <3

  8. guilty as charged! I always re-wear my workout clothes if I didn't sweat much. I hope your tri went great! I know this was the question on your last post (i'm a bit behind, surprise surprise.) but actually during my tri I had major chafing with my bottoms, but I did the whole thing with just a sports bra, so I don't know if it's your shirt that you are worried about chafing.