Friday, August 10, 2012


{i just wanted to thank you guys for all of your suggestions on cheap smoothie ingredients! and especially to masha, who pointed out that i can swipe bananas from the dining commons. WIN. i'm planning on getting to work on perfecting my smoothie recipes asap, so beware: lots of smoothies coming your way soon!}

this morning i woke up with a pounding headache. you know, the kind where you sit up and your head feels like it's going to explode. i think it's a combination of working an 8-hour shift yesterday and not drinking enough water - we were slammed yesterday!

anyway, this morning i've been drinking LOTS of water and coffee:

and i decided a yummy breakfast was in order. kodiak cakes to the rescue! 

i cooked up some bacon while i was waiting for the pancakes to cook (<--- a sign you know i'm not feeling good. normally bacon sounds disgusting in the morning!) and it. was. delicious. also, anyone else make little baby pancakes so you can eat those while the big ones cook? no? yeah. i'm weird. 

anyway, back to these pancakes. kodiak cakes are the best. they have a super short ingredient list and all you have to do is mix em up with water. i know, i know, gettin' all fancy on ya ;) 

i stacked mine up with Barney Butter and drizzled on the maple syrup.. talk about a delicious breakfast!! not to mention now my house smells freakin' amazing. family: you're welcome. 

i'm feeling a bit better now that i've got food in my belly and advil in my system but i'm still going to take it easy until i have to go into work today. a short run might be in order, though, since i just got these in the mail the other day:

hello, my beauties. (aka Nike Lunarglide 4s). my Lunarglide 3s had seen a few too many miles and i finally remembered to order a new pair on Zappos. so far i am loving the 4s!! and i love the neon yellow, too. gotta have a pop of color on my shoes! 

what's your best headache cure?
favorite pair of running shoes?


  1. Ugh pounding headaches suck, for me I get some fresh air!

  2. I always love pancakes topped with nut butter -- they always taste better that way for some reason. ;) I'm sorry you have a headache -- those are never fun. :( I hope you start feeling better soon! :)

  3. That's definitely how I acquired most of my fruit in college :) It's perfect! And I haven't been feeling 100% lately either! Hope both of us are back to normal ASAP!