Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Highlights of My Labor Day Weekend.

1. going shopping and actually getting some normal, non workout clothes for once! i got a pair of jean shorts and 2 tops from urban outfitters. i am seriously in love with that store.

2. my mom bringing me an awesome salad for dinner while i was at work on Sunday night! spinach, romaine, carrots, mushrooms, deli turkey, mozzarella, and avocado.

3. getting to petsit again for those 7 adorable kittens! i want all of them.

4. taking the time to make something besides almond butter toast for breakfast. i made breakfast tacos with 2 scrambled eggs, sauteed spinach, turkey bacon, and shredded parmesan. these were so good!

5. putting on my new outfit from urban and actually doing my makeup - i am loving my urban decay eye shadow that i got a little while ago. i also have a Stila grey sparkly eyeliner that is my favorite. it lightens up my eyes and adds a little girly touch.  

6. labor day run! i got motivated by my twitter feed seeing everyone's runs and bike rides so i got my butt out the door. (i ended up getting a second pair of my black Lululemon Turbo Run Short and a second headband because i love both so much!) i originally set out with a goal of doing a 10K and even stuck a  cappucino Hammergel in the back zipper pocket of my shorts, but i ended up cutting the run short. my legs were sore from yesterday's BodyPump class - I upped quite a few of my weights by 2kg and was feelin' it today - and it was hot out. i'm glad i listened to my body because i know i will have a much better workout tomorrow because of it! post workout snack was a big bowl of vanilla chobani with fresh raspberries, chia seeds, almond meal, and rainbow sprinkles.

7. going to the movies with my family to see The Bourne Legacy! it was a little much for this fraidy cat but i still had a good time.

8. pizza. 

9. painting my fingernails and successfully not chipping them on the first day! win.

10. ending the night skyping with one of my besties, chatting with my new roomies (and figuring out all of our dorm stuff! EEK! so excited!!), and then watching the premiere of Switched at Birth. couldn't've asked for a better night! 

what was a highlight of your labor day weekend? 


  1. First, that salad is like perfect. And second, those kittens honestly make me die. They are the freaking cutest things I have ever seen.

  2. what a great weekend! I mean you got so much in! Good luck with finishing up getting ready for school.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Labor Day. Cute tops, btw!!

  4. Awesome stuff! I visited my bro in college yesterday before school started! :)

  5. Those tops are so cute!! Gotta love urban outfitters.. I need to make a trip there soon! My labor day was pretty chill. I actually did work for most of it to be honest!