Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I love UCLA.

Hey guys! i've been crazy busy over here but i am LOVING UCLA!! this is quite a long post so you've been forewarned! ;)

move in day! the bro & padre :) 
i moved in on Friday and it went really smoothly - but it took me like 2 hours to put up all of my decorations because i brought so many. i am loving my space though because it is so colorful!

a close up of all the quotes above my desk! 
I am loving my roomies and floormates - everyone is so friendly! 

I went to my first football game on Saturday and had a great time! I love all of the school spirit here!! It was definitely a SWEAT FEST though, it's going to take some getting used to - it's a lot hotter here than in NorCal. i definitely am going to be tanner when i go back home, though! ;) 

i got to see a free screening of perks of being a wallflower on Sunday night (after waiting 8 hours!! worth it though because Stephen Chbosky, Mae Whitman, and Johnny Simmons were there for a Q&A!)

i also got in my first workout at the gym yesterday! i gotta say it was definitely intimidating - i didn't know where anything was and wandered around like an idiot for quite awhile. not to mention that there's like 50,000 weight machines that i don't know how to use that are really complicated! but i did some elliptical and then a circuit workouts, until i got over my fear of using a barbell and went for it. it felt so good to lift weights again! 

and onto the food! so far i am loving all of the food because there are so many options (and plenty vegetarian and vegan options too!) and i haven't gotten tired of any of it. i also think i've done pretty well eating fairly healthy food. i only snapped photos of a few of my meals though (and i apologize for the photo quality - the lighting is not exactly good in the dining halls!)

banana with pb and an egg scramble
a big salad and a gyro pita sandwich
a huge salad and a chicken burrito (i just ate the insides and left the ginormous tortilla alone!)
oatmeal with granola and peanut butter, cantaloupe, pear, nonfat milk, and coffee
a taco salad with chicken, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, and guac (i didn't eat the sour cream or tortilla strips) 

chicken caesar salad and sunchips
my stomach has been bothering me the past couple of days (tums have been my best friend!!), which i think is because i'm eating different food and at different times. fingers crossed i can figure it all out soon! 

there was also an activities fair yesterday and there are so many things i want to do!! but i am planning on joining an on-campus christian group and a running club as well as trying to play intramural soccer. and classes start on thursday - eek! i just picked up my last few textbooks and the ones i'm most excited about are the ones for my nutrition/body image discussion class (it's called a Fiat Lux here, which is just a class that's 1-2 units and for freshman only!) 

i finally got some free time this afternoon (this morning we went and volunteered at a homeless shelter for volunteer day!) and i'm doing my first load of laundry, taking a nap, and then going for a run before a floor thing i'm going to tonight! 

i'm hoping to get into a routine with blogging more regularly once i get into the swing of things 
so bear with me :) i am having an amazing time here though!!
any advice on how to get over my fears in the weight room? 
what is/was your favorite part of starting college?


  1. Hi there! Awesome post. As for your fears about the weight room...You'll actually find that you just got to go in and do it. The guys in there are actually much nicer and less intimidating than you think. They have more respect for girls who lift. I've also learned that its the really "beefy" (like body builder guys/ones who know what they are doing) who are the nicest. The guys who "think" they know what they are doing are the ones who are douches!!! BUT YEAH, JUST GO IN AND KICK BUTT!!!

  2. what an exciting time in your life! I would love to be back in my college days, so much fun, it flew by! Your room looks cute!

  3. Way to go with jumping right in, that is my advice, find something you love and stick with it!

  4. Love it!! Glad you are having a great time :D I think you will get used to the weight room. Just don't worry about what anyone else is doing, turns out they are just trying to workout like you and are probably intimidated as well!

  5. Glad to see you are making the most of college life! :D
    Now I kinda wish I went to UCLA :P!

  6. i've been so excited to hear how your new life is going! glad to hear you are really liking it. i am super intrigued that you have that Intuitive Eating book as a textbook in school. I recently read it on my own - very interesting stuff! Keep us posted on that class - sounds really interesting...

  7. I am so happy for you girl! It looks like you are already having an amazing time and I know you'll enjoy it all even more when classes start!

  8. I've been stalking your pictures! Glad you're loving life--your room looks adorable!

  9. WHOO you are all moved in and assimilating into freshmen year! I always felt the beginning of freshmen year is so overwhelming, but don't worry you will get into the routine of life and I'm sure your stomach will calm down. I don't know how your weight room is set up, but if there is some cardio equipment that faces the weights or is above on a mezzanine you could scope out the weight while warming up :)

  10. 1) I have just found your blog and I think it's super cute ;)

    2) I LOVE those quotes above your desk! I need to do something like that too!

    3) "Intuitive Eating" is such a precious book, it helped me SO MUCH... love it.

    4) have a great day!