Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vlog #2! {Sweat Pink + WIAW}

hey guys! i made my second vlog today (here's a link to the first!) and it made me realize how much i LOVE to vlog! i used to be afraid of it but now i've gotten over that - i love it so much because i think that it kinda gives you guys a behind the scenes of the ol' bloggy in a way.

anyway, i made the vlog before i realized what day it was! tuesday = WIAW posting night! silly me. but i talked about a few of my meals in the vlog so i figured i'd share photos of them at the end of the post. best of both worlds, right?!

super exciting news in my vlog, too, so if you have the time i'd love it if you watched! (pssttt.. hint! check out that sidebar over there-->)

onto the WIAW photos! 

this morning i made this amazing coffee i scored at target the other day - anything coconut and i'm in heaven. i also had some almond butter toast and forgot to snap a pic! 

and my lunch at the little cafe:

nonfat latte that i added a truvia packet to (because i'm that crazy weirdo that carrys truvia packets in my purse.. and my wallet.. and my car...), a open face creamy mushroom & chicken sandwich, and a side salad. all of it was absolutely delicious! 

afternoon snackage was a little too much peanut butter cookie dough.. it's so freakin good!

and dinner is going to be a tofu stir fry exactly like this one i made awhile back:

and dessert is going to be a green smoothie since i haven't had one yet today and we're on day 2 of the green smoothie challenge!

what was the best thing you ate today?
any suggestions for my hair dilemma (i explained in the vlog)?


  1. I like the layout of your blog.

    Healthy eating tips and stories are certainly something I could use more of. Now following.

  2. Congrats on the sweat pink! I NEED that coffee. I'm obsessed with coconut haha. I love bangs but you have to remember that you will have to do them more often!

  3. YAyyy so excited for you to join the sweat pink crew :) Also, that cookie dough looks amazing!

  4. congrats on the sweat pink crew! great accomplishment

  5. I just had a pretty fantastic peach, but I'm totally jealous of your lunch. Looks fab!

  6. I'm crazy like that, too! carry around nunaturals stevia packets/mini bottle with me! you never know... ;)

  7. Hey Julianna, Cute blog! Love that cookie dough :P

    How is the green smoothie challenge coming? Any recipes you've really enjoyed?

  8. Hehe. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough never makes it to the cookie sheet to bake at my house. ;)