Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lately {Eating, Sweating, Doing}

happy WIAW everyone!! i have so much to share with you all today! :) 

what i've been eating:
vanilla Chobani with a farmer's market nectarine, walnuts, granola, and chia seeds
nonfat latte and a coconut macaroon
another Vitality Bowl.. whoops ;) this one had acai, guarana, strawberries, banana, flaxseed, soy milk, apple juice, spinach, and broccoli and was topped with granola, strawberries, kiwis, and goji berries.
super ugly but delicious lunch! a bed of rainbow quinoa topped with baked crispy tofu, and a mix of sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, and shredded carrots that i added a little milk, flour, and pine nut hummus to. so good!
breakfast at my new favorite cafe! egg, cheese, tomato, and avocado sandwich on multigrain bread with a side of fruit and a large coffee.
a bowl of strawberries with vanilla chobani topped with homemade granola (see below)
more homemade granola with almond-coconut milk, and a simple berry smoothie with spinach added in
another homemade 'vitality' smoothie bowl
how i've been sweating:
  • saturday: bootcamp class at my gym that killed me! i was so sore after!
  • sunday: easy 4 mile shakeout run
  • monday: 15 mins stairclimber + upper body weights workout 
  • tuesday: 9.7 mile run (i only was planning on going 6-7 but my route ended up being a lot longer than i thought it was!) 
also, check out my progress! i'm so proud of myself for working hard to include strength training in my routine and am so happy with my arms- my shoulders really pop!

what i've been doing:
  • baking! i made chocolate chip scones with a milk chocolate drizzle from ina garten's cookbook:

i also made golden granola from jenna's book, white jacket required. this stuff is SO FREAKIN GOOD. 

  • working. last shift on friday! :( 
  • school shopping.

i've ordered all of my textbooks (EEKKKK! haha my chem book scares the crap outta me!) and gotten a few more things for my dorm room. i can't wait to move in and show you guys what it looks like! 
  • watching food network. hey, if i have the time, might as well, right?!
the great food truck race + m&ms + fancy root beer. definitely my kinda night!
  • having quiet time doing the #shereadstruth study every morning. i am LOVING it! 

what have you been eating, sweating, or doing lately? 


  1. Man your meals look delicious and so pretty! I need to get some inspiration from you.

  2. Yum! All of the food looks amazing! I'm partial to the dishes with avocado. :-)

  3. Yum! You def eat much yummier than most college kids I remember ;)

  4. I usually read your blog in my google reader so I haven't been on your actual page in awhile but I had to let you know that your new design is FANTASTIC! I love the colors and that photo in the upper right corner perfectly describes your blog! I'm sure it took a lot of work, but it seriously looks fabulous!

    1. thank you so much!! i spent quite a bit of time working on it so hearing that makes me SO happy!!!

  5. your vitality bowl looks awesome! what a combo! youve got a great blog here! spa love!

  6. I am salivating over that avocado sandwich!! -Nicole

  7. I've been eating this great quinoa my mom made with low sodium chicken broth, a can of salmon, and lots of veggies--so much flavor! Also been loving apples! Hooray for fall! :) dance has been my workout lately plus pbfingers circuit workout and elliptical. Oh and I loveeee the Great Food Truck Race!!

  8. Wow all of your food looks so delicious, especially all of the yogurt bowls with granola and fruit! Just the sort of thing I adore :) When I've finished my week off sugar I might try making my own granola too!

    Your workouts sound great and your arms look fantastic - you should be proud!

    Those chocolate chip cookies look amazing, I love baking. And shopping for school is always exciting, I ordered heaps of books, and then bought new folders and a pencil case yesterday :)

  9. All your eats look so good! And I know I already said this on Twitter but.. you look great! Keep up the awesome work!!

  10. I love what you put in the chobani! Nectarines and walnuts are a great way to start the morning! I’ve got to check out that Vitality Bowl place sometime…it looks TOO good :)

  11. Looove Great Food Truck Race! Everything you've been making looks delicious! Your homemade vitality bowl looks so healthy and vibrant! Definitely make the best out of your time being home, but that's sooo exciting your starting college soon! Can't wait to see your dorm and follow your whole experience :)