Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Week.

holy crap, guys. i'm leaving for college in a week. this is super exciting and scaring the shizz outta me all at the same time.

i have most of the stuff i need for my dorm room - there's only a few more small things i need to buy and then this weekend i'm going to start packing. wait. packing? what?

holy crap. x5000000.

is this real life?

anyway, as i was having this realization this morning that i'm leaving so soon, i started to get a little sad. a whole two months that i won't get to see my little nuggets!! (don't worry mom & dad, i'm going to miss you too. but i can't exactly Skype-pet-kitty-talk to my cats.)

my boyz

yep. cat lady for life. 
and a whole two months that i will be without a kitchen..!

special k protein cereal, a sliced nectarine, almond butter, and almond milk
then again, considering that i failed at making steel cut oatmeal TWICE this morning (yes, twice!! obviously i have issues) & had to have a cereal bowl {above} instead, i think maybe letting someone else cook for awhile is probably a good thing. 

when i started to get sad and anxious this morning about leaving, i realized that there's nothing else in the world i would rather do than go to my dream college right now. yes, i'm going to get really homesick. yes, it's going to be hard to adjust. yes, i'm probably going to fail my first paper. 

but you know what? i'm ready. there's so many things i'm looking forward to, some of which are:
  • playing soccer again for the first time in over a year. i CANNOT WAIT to lace up my cleats again. 
  • going to as many football and basketball games as possible. 8 clappin! 
  •  diddy riese. enough said.
  • taking group fitness classes at Wooden. only $25 a quarter! heck yes! (on another note- i can become a certified group fitness instructor through UCLA and teach classes as a student. you have no idea how excited this makes me!!) 
  • going to Cru (campus crusade) and worshipping. i know i'm going to need that! 
  • going to the Santa Monica pier (perks of living in LA, peeps)
  • hopefully getting an on-campus job to make some $$ (i'm thinking second quarter would be a good time to do that!) 
  • doing well in my classes *fingers crossed* - and praying that chemistry doesn't kill me. literally.
  • and most of all, meeting lots of other people, making new friends, and having FUN! 
there's a lot of changes ahead,

but i couldn't be happier to have a fresh start and a bright future ahead of me. 

watch out, world. this girl is comin' atcha.


  1. yay so excited for you. you start so late!

  2. I've just graduated and I'm a little jealous that you're just starting! Lots of luck for the next few years, you're going to have so much fun!

  3. Enjoy the pets while you can girl! Get in lots of snuggles this week! I think I miss my dog the most :(

  4. awww yay this is so exciting! you got this girl! looks like you have some great plans! (:

  5. You will LOVE it, trust me! And, I want to come visit you because I'm obsessed with La ;D

  6. You have such a fantastically positive attitude towards this change in your life and I really admire that! It's such an exciting time and I want to wish you the absolute best of luck for the start of college :)

  7. hey girl! just started reading your blog and i LOVE it! i live in LA, too :) i actually lived in westwood when i first moved here from new york and i can tell you that diddy reese is everything. haha

    good luck with the big move!!!