Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moxie Madness {My First CrossFit Competition}

i don't even know where to begin! last weekend at Moxie Madness was absolutely incredible. instead of trying to recap everything, i figured i'd share some tidbits and thoughts about the weekend. here comes a random post!

(if you're curious, you can check out the WODs we did here: Day 1 and Day 2)

the workouts were ridiculous.

the people at my box are awesome.

i drank a lot of vega protein shakes. ate a lot of kit's organic clif bars. took a lot of advil. drank a lot of caffeine.

i figured out that i can drink coconut water if i chug it down in one gulp (otherwise, it's totally gross).

i learned that rocktape is one of the best inventions on the planet ever.

i also learned that rocktape gives you really, really nice tan lines. my upper back looks wonderful right now.

i found a magic potion. okay, not really magic, but still. WOD repair lotion is the best thing that ever happened to my hands (especially after the last WOD on Sunday, when my hands ripped on the first pull-up i did and i still had 4 more rounds of AMRAP pull-ups to go).

i discovered that everything really is in your head. you can do anything you set your mind to.

i got to be a kid again (hello, partner wheelbarrows! those were fun. and painful).

FitAid is a pretty freakin' awesome drink.

prowler pushes suck. they especially suck after a relay WOD with a 600 yard 45# sandbag carry, 400 yard overhead wallball carry, and 50 yard lunges with a 25# plate. my legs were jello. and i mean, jello. pretty sure i almost fell on my face five times. did i mention that this was the first WOD?

i realized that rowing is a lot more painful that i thought. either that or my legs were just really sore.

it really hurts when you whack your leg doing box jumps.

i learned that my arms don't fit in tshirts anymore. for real though. and this makes me excited.

26 pound kettlebell snatches are a piece of cake now. when did that happen?

i really, really, really suck at double unders. really.

i loved being on a team again.

i love that everyone cheers each other on, no matter what team they're on or what box they're from. CrossFit is truly something else.

burpees. ow.

i realized just how much i'm going to miss my box when i leave for school. (hint: a LOT).

my coaches are freakin' beast.

there's nothing quite like having a ton of people watching and cheering you on as you're competing. all of the people that came out to support us were incredible.

i got a new nickname: the silent killer. LOL!

assume the crossfit recovery position (read: look like you're dead. cause you feel dead).

i have never been so sore in my life. being this sore makes the simplest things super duper hard. like sitting on the toilet or putting your shirt on. let's just say monday was really fun.

i'm actually not half bad at overhead squats!

i'm in the top right corner

i saw just how much progress i've made in the two months that i've been CrossFit-ting and almost a year that i've been lifting. two months ago, i wouldn't have made it through the 2 days and 5 WODs. last weekend, i killed it.

i don't think i've ever had a better weekend! there was a smile on my face the entire time (except when, you know, working out. my face is just hilarious when i'm in pain. it's highly attractive. see below.), and i am proud of how well i did. i'm so glad i got over my fear of letting people down or messing up or whatever and just went for it. best decision ever.

this competition made me realize just how much i love CrossFit. not that i didn't before or anything, but now i don't even know if i can explain how much i love it. i get my ass kicked every single day, yet i come back for more. and i have so much fun doing it.

i can't wait to do another competition! thank you all so much for your kind words and support :) and a huge thanks to my box, my teammates, and especially my coaches. and my parents for coming out on day 1 to support me!

p.s. i PR'd my clean and jerk today! AAAH so excited. and this was when i was still a little sore. can't wait to see how much progress i've made on other lifts too!

p.p.s. stay tuned for a post on everything i packed for the comp! (edit: you can find that post HERE)


  1. That's you doing the squats?! WOW girl, you are strong! Haha.

    But I have to wonder about the rock it problematic to take off :P?

    1. haha yeah, it's like taking off a ginormous bandaid.. and then you still have the sticky outline!

  2. *HIGH FIVE* This is freakin' amazing, Julianna! The WODs look insane and I'm sure you absolutely crushed them. You are seriously so beast. Most importantly though, it's so nice to see that you had so much fun! I definitely would want to try CrossFit one day. Best of luck with what's to come! Can't wait to see how you improve every day.

  3. so freaking hardcore, congrats!

  4. Wow, so hardcore! I love all the pics, and congrats on the PR!

  5. You are AWESOME. Nicely done, girl!! :)

  6. YAY! I absolutely love the super intense face pictures :) I'm no Crossfit expert, but it truly sounds like you pushed your body to the limit with those workouts and I can most definitely say I am impressed with that!

  7. That looks amazing! Well done :D

  8. Nice work! I feel like I could have written this too. I participated at Moxie this year (my first comp ever) in the Masters Division(CrossFit Brentwood). After the weekend I posted on FB that Rock Tape saved my life, as well as recovery drinks after every workout, AND the foam roller/lacrosse ball! I also have a new appreciation for my 9 year old who plays football. That freaking turf was 1,258 degrees (hello lateral burpees). It was an awesome experience and being part of a team and completing that amount of work in one weekend was quite a feat. The 2nd day workout with all the OHS, I honestly didn't think we were going to make it through the 30, but we DID! Doing something you never thought possible is an AMAZING feeling. Anyhow, I'm sharing this little blog on my FB page because my little team will be able to relate to it as well.