Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Packed For My First CrossFit Competition

i have been meaning to share with you guys what i brought to my first crossfit competition for quite some time now, but finally got my act together!  while i'm not a crossfit expert in any way or form, i thought it would be fun to share what worked for me. and hopefully at least a few people who come across this post will find it helpful!

this is what i packed for day 2 of the comp - it differs from what i brought day 1 just a little bit, but i felt more prepared on day 2.


  • 2 packets of Vega one nutritional shake
  • 2 kit's organic clif bars
  • 2 chia bars
  • 1 packet clif shot blocks (which i forgot to bring on day 1) 
  • 2 packets crystal lite energy (each packet has 120mg caffeine which was much needed. i took one packet before each WOD.)
  • 2 baggies of almonds (unpictured)
both days i should have brought a bit more food with me than i did, but i didn't feel like lugging around a big cooler (if i had brought a cooler, #1 thing i would've packed would have been fresh fruit!). luckily i remembered to bring cash and was able to buy chicken + veggies while i was there. 


  • a huge water jug - this is a MUST if your comp is outside/hot! i had ice cold water the entire day and was easily able to keep hydrated. 
  • my blender bottle to blend protein shakes & crystal lite
  • pineapple coconut water x2
  • FitAid (they were passing them out on both days of the comp, so i saved one from day 1 to bring for day 2)
  • almond milk to make protein shakes

  • The Stick
  • gloves (fingerless were all i had, if i had ones with fingers i would've brought those)
  • myofascial release ball 
  • athletic tape (to tape hands) and scissors
  • my Strength Wraps
  • my jump rope (most likely, they won't be provided!) 

what I wore:
  • lululemon speed short
  • nike sports bra
  • my box's tank
  • reebok crossfit nanos
what I brought as spares:
  • extra pair of lulu speed shorts
  • lululemon capris
  • 2 extra tanks
  • extra sports bras/underwear <-- lifesaver!
  • 3 pairs extra socks
Other Stuff:

  • facial towlettes
  • deodorant 
  • hand sanitizer
  • sport sunscreen
  • chapstick
  • advil
  • bobby pins + hair ties
  • junk headbands
and... my cat. 

totally kidding. she obviously wanted to come with all of my food though! hah. 

have you ever done a crossfit comp before? what did you bring?
favorite protein powder?


  1. this post was extremely helpful! Thank you!
    What do you mix your Vega one with? and do you mix it in your blender bottle?

    1. i usually mix it with almond milk in my blender bottle! i've also had it with water and mixed without the blender ball but it's not quite as good.

  2. Wow, it takes a lot of preparation for CrossFit from what I see here! From the food all the way to the clothes, it seems like you're packing for an overnight trip or something :P

    Your kitty is adorable! My cat does the same thing, haha :P