Thursday, September 26, 2013

Recent Eats

today was my first day of class of the year! i only had one class and it was a lab, so it wasn't too exciting. at least i didn't trip on some stairs and faceplant like i did last year, though. that was pretty embarassing.

since i don't have much to do for class yet, i'm still watching vampire diaries. i'm on season 4 episode 5, and have approximately 7 days to finish 17 episodes, since season 5 premieres next week. totally doable. right? right. anyway a bunch of my other favorite tv shows are coming back soon too. like nashville premiered last night and dang that episode was cray. my friends also decided it would be a good idea to watch the newest how i met your mother episode last night when we were painting our nails, and i was freaking out the whole time. i'm only on season 3 of himym so i'm currently trying to block out all information that i learned so that somehow i can still make it through 6 more seasons of the show. it's a legit problem, guys.

anyway. i'll stop ranting about my tv shows now (blame my roomie. she's the one that got me hooked on all of this!) and get on with the yummy eats. i really miss food from home again, anyone want to come cook me roasted brussels sprouts? but i've been eating pretty well regardless. i can't wait til our new healthy dining hall opens! THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE FRESHLY GROUND NUT BUTTER. that needed all caps. it really did though. how could you not freak out about that?!?! i go to the best school ever.

and i just went to look for these photos of my recent eats that i thought i had a million of and it turns out that i don't have a million. oh well. i promise i've been eating yummy things. like froyo and fluff ice and cheese and crackers.

hotel breakfast on move-in day = oatmeal. 

new favorite snacks thanks to seapoint farms! these babies are packed with protein and are super flavorful. they're perfect for carrying around with me or when i need something crunch and salty. my favorite flavor is the black edamame with sea salt. un. real. 

chicken kebab gyro at a really yummy mediterranean place in santa monica. whatever was in the creamy sauce was sooo good!

typical breakfast of egg scramble with ketchup. i miss my own eggs!

greek yogurt, frozen raspberries, honey, almond butter. and pumpkin spice coffee aka the best.

most of my recent lunches have been chicken salad sandwiches. i used to hate chicken salad but this one is really good. none of that weird grape or apple stuff going on here! 

chicken taco salad

and that's all i've got for ya, folks. i promise i've been eating lots more yummy food than this. better start remembering to take pictures!

favorite tv show to watch?


  1. My ultimate favorite show would have to be Gossip Girl, hands down. After that, HIMYM, New Girl and Pretty Little Liars! All of your eats look so good! Good luck with the start of your semester. =)

  2. I am convinced you really do go to the best school! I read that article on the new dining hall and it sounds AMAZING. I would love to have options like that right on campus!!

  3. This reminds me of the time I picked up watching the Good Wife right before winter quarter excuse was that I had two weeks to get through season 1 because I was borrowing it from the library and didn't want to pay any fines for it. I managed, but I do not recommend starting any TV show around finals time ;P!

  4. I am a total chicken salad sandwich convert too! All your dorm food looks great so far, but I can't wait to see what that healthy new dining hall has in store!

  5. Freshly ground nut butter station?! I hope I can find one of those at these east coast colleges ;)
    Everything you're eating looks delicious as usual!

  6. That chicken Kabob gyro looks good! YUMMY! :)