Saturday, September 14, 2013

Virtual Coffee Date 9.14.13

if we were having coffee this morning, i would be drinking my second pumpkin spice latte of the season. i'm so happy pumpkin everything is here!

if we were having coffee this morning, i'd tell you how excited i am to have my brother at home! he has been at school for most of the summer and it never feels quite right living at home without him. i think my mom is also super happy to have him home because, aside from the fact that her son is home, she finally has someone to bake for her! this entire summer i haven't baked any 'normal' things (according to her), and i apparently am always adding in weird stuff, hahaha. so now she has someone to bake for her that she knows won't try to sneak any extra nutrients in ;)

if we were having coffee this morning, i'd be telling you how much more unprepared for the school year i am this year than i was last year. last year i was on top of everything and probably was almost packed by this point. this year, i've only just gotten around to unpacking those few boxes left from last year, and only have my bedding and food packed (priorities, people). i also only just ordered my textbooks (holy poop they're expensive) and ordered some photo prints for my room. i still don't have many room decorations though, since most of my posters and photos from last year are pretty worn. so i probably would be asking you for some dorm room crafty suggestions.

if we were having coffee this morning, i probably wouldn't shut up about vampire diaries. i started the show about two weeks ago because i literally had nothing else to watch and a friend recommended it, but i actually didn't like the first episode much. but, the next night, i didn't have anything to do after work yet again, so i found myself watching the second episode. and then i got hooked. the end of every darn episode has a huge cliffhanger and i always find myself watching just one more episode. i blame netflix for that one. and i blame the actors for being so freaking attractive. i'm currently on season 3 but kind of need to make it through season 4 before i go back to school otherwise my ochem is going to lose the battle to stefan salvatore (aka paul wesley who i just googled who is 12 years older than me?!? how is this possible?!).

if we were having coffee this morning, i'd tell you how sad i am that i only have a few more days to go to CrossFit. i didn't expect that place to feel like home as much as it does, and i certainly didn't expect the community that my box has. i'm going to miss all the people so much, and i'm not sure what i'm going to do when i don't have anyone to talk everything CrossFit with. because i can't exactly just go on and on about my snatch technique or hitting my clean and jerk PR without getting really weird looks from non CrossFitters. it's kind of a problem.


  1. Enjoy your last few days! Pumpkiny things are just perfect :)

  2. The Vampire diaries seems like the perfect fall show!