Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIAW #2 + First Ice Bath!

I miss blogging every day SO much!!! I wish I had the time to blog a lot more because it really is my creative outlet and a place where I can just say what I feel. But, unfortunately I don't have that time :( Right now I leave the house before 8am and get home around 6pm, at which point I eat, shower, read emails/blogs, and then get going on my pile of homework. Even by 8pm I am utterly exhausted.

Getting back into the swing of things with school and practice is really hard. But I know it will get better soon! I just am disorganized and have pushed a lot of things to the back burner, most of which is stuff I would do in my "me time" (blog, write in my journal, read my bible, watch a TV show, cut my nails.. yes, even simple stuff like cutting my nails!)

I am trying to make more time for these things but there's only so much time in a day. I was really happy to write this post today though.

These are yesterday's eats (WIAY!), but to be honest this is pretty much what I eat every day. The dinners change, but my breakfast, lunch, and snack are very similar because I just don't have the time to think up of new more creative things. At least this is including some of my favorite food!

Peas and Crayons
peas and crayons WIAW! join the part-ay! :)
breakfast was scrambled microwaved eggs, tortilla + peanut butter, and fruit (yesterday it was strawbs, today it was watermelon)

weird lighting... there is no good lighting at 6:30 in the morning!!
I have been packing the same lunch for school because of my tummy problems at practice. I have been getting a million cramps but this lunch is easy on my stomach and has lots of carbs that are easy to digest, so most of my cramps have gone away.

Nanner + peanut butter sandwich + chips (sometimes it's cereal, sometimes it's pretzels)

After cross country I've been drinking smoothies because I've been running in the heat and they taste realllyy good. This one included fresh strawberries, greek yogurt, frozen mixed berries, spinach, and almond milk.

At this point I get really snacky (even after slurping up that ginormous smoothie!) and alotta unpictured eating is happening. More pb + tortillas, pretzels, almonds, dry cereal, etc...

Dinner last night was an (unpictured) salad with lotsa veggies, plus a yummy burrito. I chopped up chicken really small, mixed it in with some pintos, salsa, and cheddar, and stuffed it into a whole wheat tortilla.

And dessert was a microwaved s'more with butterscotch and semisweet chocolate chips. You must try this! Oh so yummy.

Now onto running! To be honest, the past week or two at cross country has been pretty awful. My legs constantly feel drained and exhausted even before we start our run, and today was the worst day of all.

I do much better when I am able to cross train, but my team runs 6 days a week and my coach does not put much emphasis on strength training or other cardio. It's run, run, and run some more. I'm feeling a little burnt out already - and we haven't even started racing yet! Luckily today I was talking to an assistant coach about how tired I've been feeling (especially since today's mile repeats were super painful and slow) and he recommended an ice bath.

It didn't even occur to me before that I should take an ice bath, even though I've seen them all over the blog world. I was glad he suggested this - guess it just shows that communication is really important - and I'm hoping it will help me recover more quickly. Any other tips would be welcome! I can't really change how much I'm running since I have to be at 90% of practices to race, which basically means that I can't miss very many. But any recovery tips on fueling, stretching, and pretty much anything would be greatly appreciated!!

I've been trying to take pictures of my outfits to share with you guys but this is the only one I remembered to take this week!

New skirt by Lucky + Target cami = easiest outfit ever. I've worn a skirt or a dress every day this week and am lovin' it. It's a lot cooler than being stuck in jean shorts!

I also got a new backpack and am loving it - the colors are perfect, it's really comfy, and it fits all my stuff.

and one last bit of cuteness before I go...

Lexy in a box! she loves it when we get packages and after my new backpack came in this box she popped right in.

And so prissy Ginnie Mae doesn't get her feelings hurt :)

This was really long post - thanks so much for reading! I don't think I can say enough how much your comments mean to me, I love you guys so much.

Any tips for running recovery? Fueling, stretching, hydrating, icing?
If you are in school, how has your transition back to school been?

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