Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet the Kitties!

I want to introduce all my cutie pies to you guys! I absolutely love cats - I even used to think I wanted to be a vet (learned since then that I'm not too great with blood, heh). Fun Fact: I've never spent a minute in my life without owning a cat.

Here's the four we have right now!
Meet Alexa - aka Lexy or schmoopie (have any of you seen that Seinfeld episode? an oldie but a goodie.)
why did you wake me up??

She is 3 years old and quite the talker! She has a bajillion different meows and can hold a conversation ;) She also is my snuggle buddy and sleeps with me in my bed most nights. 

Here's Ginnie Mae - aka Ginnie Mae Giants and fluffernutter (I have wayy too many nicknames for all my babies!) 

yes. i sleep in a shoe. got a problem with that?

i also sleep on tables. 
She is also 3 years old and quite the prima donna / drama queen! She's one of those girls who knows she's gorgeous and uses it to her advantage :) But who can resist her adorable little face?

Next up: Tux! He's gettin' to be an old man. Funny story: We didn't adopt Tux. He adopted us when we moved into our current house when I was little. He just started coming and eating our food and sleeping on our cars with all the rest of the kitties! 

catnip mouse :) 
He also has arthritis in his elbow so he's getting around on three wheels nowadays. I always try to give him "rides" to places he wants to go, though :)

And we also have Cinnamon! He was a Christmas present to me from my grandpa when I was in third grade, so now he's about 8 1/2 years old. 
snuggle buddies
orange sunlight 

Cinny's the skiddish one but he loves me and my brother Jay. He also will tolerate you if you feed him ;) 

I think I have more pictures of cats than people on my camera - every time I see one of our babies lookin' adorable I have to snap a picture. 

Hope you enjoyed!

Do you have pets? What sort of nicknames do you give them?

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