Saturday, February 4, 2012

Giveaway Winner! [My Saturday Five.]

hello everyone! i hope you're having an amazing weekend so far. mine has been off to a pretty good start!

i am loving writing these weekend countdown posts - here we go!

5 Things That Are Making Me Smile 
  1. Getting my first college acceptance from a school here in California - UC Irvine!

2. My mom surprising me with a little "Congratulations" package for getting into UCI. She got me flowers, TJ's apple butter, TJ's dark chocolate sea salt covered almonds (go get these now. i mean it.), and a tangerine Hansen's soda. I love my mom!!

the flowers are gorgeous!!!

3. Getting home from a super sweaty workout at the gym (the stairclimber never fails to challenge me!) and finding Ginnie Mae sleeping on the table. She is such a prima donna! but it's impossible to ignore her cute little face so i let her stay there for a little bit ;)

gimme a belly rub!

4. Stopping at the grocery store on the way home from the gym and getting both pink lady and honey crisp apples to try! 

The rest of the loot: 
    • 2 vanilla chobani
    • 2 packages 2% shredded cheese and 1 block 2% sharp cheddar
    • 2 bags romaine lettuce
    • 1 jar peanut butter
    • 1 box Special K Protein Plus Cereal
    • 1 Cashew Cookie Larabar
    • 1 lemon-lime powerade zero as a post-workout treat!
5. Not having to work either Saturday or Sunday this weekend. it's been long time since i've had both of those days off! 

4 Favorite Pins of the Week

(sources one, twothree, and four)
3 Current Favorite Meals/Snacks
  • a egg, cheese, and raspberry jam sandwich. OH MY GOSH. how did it take me so long to try this????? if you have not tried the egg/cheese/jam combo go make it now!! 

 this. was phenomenal. 

  • plain greek yogurt with TJ's honey apple butter
  • huge salads with turkey, cheese, and hummus

2 Favorite Posts This Week
1 Giveaway Winner! 
Thank you to everyone that entered my Thank You Giveaway - you all mean the world to me :) 
Annd the winner is: Lily at Eating For Excellence - congrats! email me at with your info so I can get the goodies sent out to you asap! 

what have you been loving this week? 
favorite current meal?


  1. Congrats to the winner and to YOU for getting into UCI! Where else have you applied?

    I love that egg/cheese/jam combo and I love TJ'S apple butter! So yum! :)

  2. Ha-ha, I love that face your kitty gave you.

    Congratulations on being accepted! :D

  3. Ohemgee, your kitty is so cute!

    && I ssee the egg/cheese/jam on PBF all the the time, I guess now I'll definitely have to try it!

  4. Egg+cheese+jam is INCREDIBLE!!! Love that combo! I need to make one of those sandwiches real soon because now you have got me craving that combo! Congrats on the acceptance letter! Can't wait to get some mail from the UC schools I applied to!

  5. Congrats on the acceptance!! I only applied to one UC school... I'm anxious to hear back! I absolutely LOVE the egg, cheese, and jam combo. I love mixing up the flavors!


    hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!!


    and I LOVE Powerade Zero!

  7. Congrats to the winner! :)

    Yay for the egg sandwich! It's SUCH a great combo isnt it? YUM! :)