Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lately I'm Loving...

... these sweet potato chips

... having enough time to paint my nails

... pestering ginnie mae with too many hugs and kisses ;)

... going out to pizza with my family

... eating the best vegan oatmeal raisin cookie that i've ever tasted

from peets coffee! :)
... putting funny captions on pictures of my kitties ;)

... Barney Butter. i'm addicted. enough said.

... the pic frame app

... this odwalla protein bar

... enjoying the beautiful weather outside

what are you loving lately?


  1. I LOVE odwalla! have you tried the banana nut one? literally taste just like banana nut bread!! amazing!!

  2. One of these days I need to set aside enough time to paint my nails. It's so relaxing! :)

  3. Yum, all of your food looks so good! I haven't tried the odwalla bars, but I love their juice, so I need to try them! I do love those sweet potato chips though!

  4. I love the nail polish!!! Glad to see you had a good time with your family, and cat!

  5. Odwallas are actually the best thing to ever happen to this world. I think I said that on on of your other posts but they are just so good! Glad you're lovin' life :)

  6. I'm loving my boxer puppy Neeka, Ezekiel Toast, Homemade Granola, 50 degree weather in February and lifting heavy in the gym! :)

  7. I looove that odwalla and barney butter!!! I wish I had the opportunity to love the vegan oatmeal cookie. That sounds awesome!! And nothing beats having time to paint your nails. That's the best!!

  8. Isn't the chocolate peanut butter odwalla bar the BEST? It is the absolute most best flavor ever! I think it even surpasses any of the Clif bar flavors! :P