Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WIAW #8: Busy Bee.

hey guys! i hope all of your weeks are going wonderfully and you had a fun valentine's day yesterday!
the past few days have been super busy for me so my mom gave me a couple of valentine's day presents on sunday instead of on the actual day.

she got me a few dark chocolate bars (my favorites!) and a few new protein/fiber bars to try

and she also got me some (unpictured) nail polish and this necklace! i love it - it has a cross, a heart, and an anchor all on the same chain.

i love my mom. <3 best valentine ever.

anyways, onto the eats! [another thanks to jenn for hosting WIAW!]

I fueled up for my long day with two fried eggs with colby jack cheese on top of an english muffin

 which of course needed to be topped with ketchup (because eggs need ketchup...)

clearly i have a kindergartener's talent for art. 

i love this shirt - i spotted it at target a few days ago and bought it without even trying it on. definitely a lucky guess since it fits perfectly! it's super soft and flattering. only problem that is that it was a little colder than i expected and i was pretty cold during the day. 

i also wore some heeled black booties that were super comfy. there's no freakin way i would be wearing heels to class if they weren't comfortable! ;)

lunch and my midmorning snack all packed up:

i had a apple cinnamon chobani, strawberries, carrots, and a pb and apple butter sammie. oh, and a dark chocolate hershey's kiss. 

before track practice i had a mini Luna bar - working on my goal of eating my food more spread out throughout the day so that i don't come home from practice and raid the kitchen. i think this is definitely helping and my stomach isn't giving me any problems on my runs - yay!

both of these flavors are excellent! i can't decide which i like more. 

track workout:
  • 2.5 run to the park where we were doing our workout
  • 2 x 800 (I did mine at about 3:15 pace - we were supposed to do them at current 3200 pace so I think I was pretty close!)
  • 2.5 mile run back to school
  • core (2 x 30 crunches, 2 x 15 pushups) and stretching
I came home starving and immediately inhaled some fresh strawberries:

And then made a giant salad with romaine, carrots, onions, mushrooms, grilled chicken, shredded cheddar, and sesame ginger dressing. 

I scarfed my salad down a little too fast because my tummy was a bit upset when I went to work :( Luckily by the time I got home it had calmed down again.

Nighttime snack: two chocolate marshmallow treats that my mom brought home from her work, and a mini tortilla with peanut butter. 

Then, I faceplanted in bed. 

what was the best part of your valentine's day? 
favorite pre-workout snack?


  1. Yayayyy for mum's! Looks like your mum got you the perfect presents. I hoe you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

  2. Aw, thats so sweet of your mom to get you some V-Day goodies! :) You have such a nice smile, by the way!

  3. Totally craving a pb tortilla right now! But sadly I have to wait a few days before I can chew that type of thing!! Haha...all these WIAW's are KILLING ME!

  4. omg those marshmallow treats look delicious! If I need a pre-run snack I go for half a banana in the morning, or a small granola bar or an apple and almonds in the afternoon.

  5. yum, all of your food looks amazing! I looove the lemon zest luna bars, so good. I also love your ketchup smiley face!

  6. mini lunas (and big lunas) are the perfect prerun snack!! They never fail me. I absolutely love the chocolate peanut butter odwalla too! You got quite a nice vday haul and it sounds like a lovely day too!!

  7. Cute boots!
    I love the white chocolate mac luna bars - probably in my top three :)

  8. Bahaha, I love your ketchup smile.

    Moms are the best valentines! My mom got me like 5 packs of gum. She clearly knows the way to my heart!

  9. ODWALLAS ARE THE BEST! if you want to try more flavors, try the original super protein type! i could literally live off them. and it sounds like you had a great workout! have a lovely rest of the week :)

  10. I am OBSESSED with Lindt's dark choc with sea salt! I eat four squares a day :)

  11. It always looks like you cook your eggs to perfection and then I want eggs for the rest of the day! :) Love your smiley face.

    My Valentine's was uneventful, which was okay after a very long week at work. Your mom is so sweet - love your necklace. I remember my mother always used to get me something for Valentine's Day too - so lovely! :)

  12. Hahah that is some seriously awesome ketchup art!