Saturday, February 18, 2012

Track Season 2012: Week 2.

This week was definitely a tough week. I was really busy (lots of nighttime shifts at work and lots of studying to do) which always makes it tough to get myself to go to practice. I love running, but sometimes when you're flat out exhausted it doesn't sound so hot. Luckily I convinced myself to go every day this week and after each day I left feeling happier than when I came.

after thursday's sweaty workout! 
[click here to check out my original goals post - these weekly recaps are basically a check-up of how i'm doing on getting to my goals!]

Workouts/Runs This Week

Sunday: BodyPump + yoga class. Both teachers weren't my favorite (the BodyPump instructor kept messing up the timing on everything, and the yoga instructor talked WAY too much for me to get relaxed) but I accomplished my goal of strength training once a week. 

Monday: 5 mile run
Tuesday: 2.5 mile run, 2x800 (at 3:10 - 3:15 pace), 2.5 mile run 

Wednesday: 4.5 mile run
Thursday: 600 ladder workout. Basically this workout is a kind of countdown workout - we ran a 600 fast, jogged a 500, ran a 500 fast, then jogged a 400, until we got down to the 100s. Warmup was an 800 and cool down was a 1200.
Friday: 5 mile SUPER hilly run. I haven't run any hills since XC season so this one was definitely a toughie! After we got back we did 2x100 and 1x200 strides. [for those of you that asked, strides are in between normal running pace and a sprint. to me, most of the time they feel like the pace that I would race an 800 at.]
Saturday: Time trials! I ran the 800m and felt pretty good. I didn't start out too fast and had enough in me to sprint the last 200 and pass a couple of people. I don't know what my time was (I know it's going to be pretty slow for me since this is just the beginning) but overall I'm fairly happy with how it went. After we warmed up and did the time trial, we went on a short 1-mi cool down run and then did 6 x 150 strides.

I definitely forgot how good it felt to put on my spandex and spikes and get out there and run fast. I love the burn and the lack of oxygen! <--quite the odd sentence. ;) 

I'm taking either tomorrow or Monday off depending on how I feel. I am a huge fan of rest days! :)


Days that I completed: 4.5 out of 7. [the half is because i stretched but didn't do core one day] Not the greatest I can do, but like I said before - the reason I sometimes skip this is because of time. If the workout went super late and I'm working a night shift, chances are I won't do core and stretch because I know it takes ten minutes. Then again, last season I barely ever stretched or did core, so I'm pretty happy with last week. 


Preworkout: I'm doing really well on my goal for this one! I've had a mini Luna bar before every practice this week and it's working out really well with my stomach. I also don't come home after practice and raid the kitchen frantically like I was doing before. Win-win!

Postworkout: I'm really good on the food aspect of this, but for hydration I need to work on it a little more. Often I'll forget to fill up my water bottle after practice and then get home, eat some food, and not feel too thirsty. Then, later I get a headache and feel like crap and wonder why. Now I'm making it a priority to drink lots of fluids after practice.

stopped at the gas station on the way home one day to pick these up :)
Random Thoughts

  • I am loving having my new Lunarglide+ 3's! They're the exact same shoe as before but my old ones were getting really run down (I'd had them for 4.5 months) and these ones feel a lot better.
  • I am addicted to omelets with TJ's refried beans, shredded cheese, and salsa. I've eaten this meal like 4 times this week. 
  • I miss strength training more often! I wish I could fit in 1-2 more lifting workouts but I just don't have the time. 
what's the best workout that you did this week?


  1. i absolutely hate when body pump instructors mess up on timing. it is the worst!

  2. It looks like you're doing great with your goals!! I'm not the best about core and stretching to be honest, and usually for the same reason - if I'm out of time, it's the first thing I cut. Your fueling looks awesome too! I need to try refried beans in an omelette!!