Sunday, May 20, 2012

Highlights of My Weekend.

after an extremely long and exhausting week, i am so happy i got a weekend to just relax!!

some highlights..
  • eating copious amounts of this peanut butter... addicted.
  • wearing shorts and tanks in the sunny weather 

  • eating pizza and watching movies with my boyfriend after i got off work on friday
  • going to BodyPump for the first time in a week and feelin' the burn!
  • spending 2 hours on the couch watching the 2-hour glee episode from tuesday

  • eating chocolate stonyfield froyo with the aforementioned peanut butter and some pretzels. heaven. 
  • chilling on my couch and reading seventeen magazine.. and coming across some pretty awesome quotes!
  • lovin on my boos
  • spending far too much time on pinstagram ;)
  • going to whole foods and stocking up on my staples- bars, vanilla chobani, dark chocolate (yes that is a staple!!), suzie's crisps, and (unpictured) 2 jars of barney butter

  • giving my mom her belated mother's day presents (I had to work on mother's day last weekend) and seeing her reaction to the ginormous teddy bear we got her! :)

  • sleeping in late and enjoying sunday morning- breakfast, cappuccino (i'm becoming wayyy too addicted to these!!), and snoozing in the hammock in the sun.

what was a highlight of your weekend?


  1. I always see that PB at Trader Joe's, I'll have to give it a try! That sounds like the perfect sunday morning! I need to find me a hammock!

  2. your icecream looks so good! I'm thinking a choc pb pretzel oatmeal bowl is in order for tomorrow!

  3. I love your first outfit!
    Now you have me craving PB pretzels though~!

  4. That looks like a fun weekend! I love being able to take weekends off from homework to just relax.

  5. I love your first and 2nd outfit!
    It sounds like you had a great weekend. :) I love weekends,cuz that's when it's relaxation time. I also love PB..and chocolate too. I definitely have to try your froyo combo. It looks delicious!
    Chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels sounds good right now.

  6. sounds like a pretty awesome weekend to me!!!

  7. Your weekend looks filled with fun!! AND OMG that teddy bear! I love anything that is life size and fluffy! I have this gigantic Costco pillow on my bed that is thee best. I used to watch Glee for awhile, I was so obsessed with creating my own version of that. I literally wrote 20 scripts and had it all planned out, minus the people to work with and a camera (major fail). Your food looks mighty delicious too!

  8. Sounds like you had a great weekend..I so wish I had a wholefoods near me in the UK, the food there is soooo good, when I went to NY i literally bought bags and bags full from there!