Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WIAW: Back to the Gym!

{psstt.. check out my last post- there's lotsa pictures from my senior ball last weekend!!}

this week I welcomed back an old friend... my GYM! because of track season, i'd only been able to take a class once every 1-2 weeks and by the middle of the season, i was seriously craving going to the gym. my last track meet was last week so this week i've got my whole workout schedule planned with lots of different workouts.

but before i get to my workout, let's back up to breakfast (it is WIAW after all!)

i had a tortilla with barney butter and a vanilla chobani with sprinkles. because every yogurt deserves sprinkles!

i had my AP Gov test today (yeahhhh don't wanna talk about it...yowza! not fun) so i brought a mini Luna bar to snack on during our break.

and lunch was a banana, a hummus+colby jack sandwich, and some baked kettle barbecue potato chips

right after school i drove straight to the gym and it was blissfully empty! i'm used to going when it's crowded on the weekends, so it was SO nice to finally get a stairclimber - they're always all full whenever i go.

i did 20 minutes and then one of my friends randomly showed up so i stayed on an extra 20 minutes to work out with her. 40 minutes on the stairclimber=leg burner! afterwards i wanted to shake out my legs a little so i did 2 miles of HIIT on the treadmill. then i did a few arm weights and ab exercises (can you tell i'm excited to be back at the gym?!?!) before heading home. i was definitely a happy sweaty mess!

also, on a completely random note, super proud of how strong my arms are getting! it's taken a year to get here and there's still lots of improvement but i love them. :)

post-workout i made a big smoothie with 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 cup almond milk, and 2 tbsp lemon juice:
[couldn't even wait to shower to eat! ;) ]
then i had to shower up and head to my final orchestra performance of the year! 4 years of being in the music program and now it's basically over..SO weird!! life is a changin' fast around here.
rockin' the natural hair!
when i finally got home, i had a quesdilla with cheddar and salsa, and a salad with sliced deli turkey.

and then i faceplanted in bed. 

what was the best thing you ate today? 
favorite thing to do at the gym? 


  1. I want a tortilla w/ Barney butter now!

    Favorite thing at the gym: free weights and upright bike. I used to HATE the upright bike.

  2. Just found your blog :) I love seeing other people's WIAW posts. Your hair is gorgeous by the way!!! Happy WIAW!

  3. i love putting sprinkles in yogurt! i always do the chocolate kind. somehow they make yogurt like 1000% times more exciting!

  4. Your arms are looking great! Congrats on all your hard work. :)

    My favourite thing to do at the gym is using the spin bikes to do my own spin workout. I actually like it better than going to the classes!

  5. Nice guns girl! Loving all these eats, especially the sound of that post workout smoothie :)

  6. Nice workout girl! Sounds intense!!! Love the quesadilla! I am obsessed with grilled sandwiches!

  7. Hi, you're absolutely gorgeous!

    I love putting sprinkles on yogurt. Especially for breakfast, I feel like it makes the day more exciting :)

  8. Love your yogurt...sprinkles make everything better!

  9. I seriously love that you add sprinkles to your yogurt :D

  10. Dying to try Barney Butter- sounds so delicious!

  11. One of my favorite things to do at the gym is work my arms. Gotta work my guns. ;)

  12. oh man, i love when my schedule allows me to get back into gym time! And i don't think I would have lasted so long without falling asleep haha. congrats to making it all four years through orchestra!!

  13. Yay for being back in the gym! Sounds like you had an awesome workout! :D

    That post workout smoothie looks delish! I'm craving a smoothie now..

    Aw! You are SOOOO pretty! Loving your natural hair! <3

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  14. Love your natural hair look! Best thing today was breakfast; a straw/banana peanut butter with Greek yogurt and on for dipping (I love to make it crispy and perfect for dipping)