Saturday, May 26, 2012

Project Procrastination

well folks, i've hit the final stretch of my high school days! i am unbelievably excited.. and also unbelievably lazy. since AP testing is over, most of my teachers are assigning LOTS of extremely pointless projects. i'm working on quite a few of them this weekend - fingers crossed i'll actually be productive! 

the past week has been filled with lots of delicious eats:

if you haven't frozen chobani before, GO DO IT NOW. so delicious! i just stir it up, stick it in the freezer for about half an hour (stirring every 10ish minutes) and then you have a yummy frozen treat!

breakfast this morning: tortilla with almond butter (duh) and fresh strawberries (so good right now!)

i'm a little embarrassed at how many trips i've made to starbucks in the past week... they've definitely got me hooked! my latest favorite (nonfat cappuccino, 2 pumps vanilla, 1 shot, extra hot please!) is quite the expensive treat - good thing I have a job! 

a new find - organic whole wheat cheddar pumpkin seed crackers. my mom got them so i'm not sure what brand they are but they sure are delicious! 

i had some laughing cow and an egg on one and the flavor combination was awesome!

some heart-pumpin workouts:
monday: day off
tuesday: morning BodyPump + 40 minutes on the stairclimber in the afternoon

my new lover! ;)
wednesday: morning BodyCombat and CXWorxx (core) classes
thursday: 4-mile run
friday: 45 minutes on the stairclimber
saturday: walk with my momma! 

lots of new music:

can you tell i liked the music from the glee finale?!? for you gleeks out there, what did you think? i was completely bawling by the end of the episode. i think it hit me especially hard too because i'm going through graduation in just a few weeks! 

[mostly] lazy outfits:

it's been a shorts and t-shirts kinda week over here.. ;) 

i did have to get dressed up on wednesday for a district string festival (i'm in my school's orchestra, but i play flute, so i just had to help usher at the festival!) 

beautiful weather and flowers:

reading the letter i wrote to myself in 8th grade:

it was an insanely long 7 pages (the one above is just quotes that i liked back then!)! in 8th grade, my english teacher had us all write the letters and address them, and then she sent them to us around when we were graduating high school. it was so cool (and weird!) to read mine! 

and redo-ing my blog header! what do you guys think? i love it! 

off to enjoy the rest of the weekend! my plans include having a middle school reunion sleepover with some of my old best friends, hanging out with my guy, getting massages with my momma, working, and getting some of these projects done! 

what are your plans for the weekend? 


  1. I love the new header!!!

    Also that's so awesome that your teacher did that. It must have been neat to read that letter!

    So far this weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family, and tomorrow I'm volunteering all day then going out for sushi. :)

  2. Doesn't being done with exams feel SOOOO good?! I am loving it right now! Those crackers are Dr. Kracker brand btw! They are absolutely amazing! You have to find the other flavors if you can...seedlander is the BEST! SO delicious!

  3. Frozen yogurt is the best and yes starbucks is so addicting haha!! Have an awesome weekend!! <3

  4. Congratulations Julianna! I feel you on all the pointless projects though, it's like..c'mon. There's only 6 days left and you're actually making us do work? Not cool!
    I love pumpkin cheddar crackers! I don't know if they're the same brand, but the ones I had were like, Dr. Cracker or something I think? Oooh, now I have to go and look for them again!

  5. I love laughing cow on bread with an egg! Had that for lunch the other day

  6. I love the new header! isn't it weird to start telling people that we are college students? I think so; but anyways I wrote a letter like that too in eighth grade! mine was probably only 4 pages long but all I talked about was who my friends were, what we liked to do, etc. haha

  7. haha i remember all my teachers assigning the most random/pointless projects after APs.

    Enjoy the weekend :D

  8. Loveee the header! Oh. and note to self: freeze some chobani :)

  9. Your blog header looks awesome Julianna! You look so youthful, spunky, and happy :D!! And I know what you mean with the pointless projects. Our AP teacher assigned us one a week before school ended -.-. Anyhoo, your weekend looks like loads of fun!

  10. that frozen chobani looks amazing..we dont get them in the UK but we have similar greek gonna have to try freezing it yum!
    Love starbucks cappuccino with vanilla as well. my fave drink yum!